Happy Birthday to Us!

Trendsmap is 1 year old today and we thought we’d use this joyous day to tell you about some of the things we’ve done recently.

Breaking Alerts

We have set up breaking alert Twitter accounts for over 100 locations around the world, with more coming soon. You can follow these to know what’s being discussed in your town right now, and some of the most popular ones include Melbourne, Toronto, Auckland, London, Johannesburg, Chicago and Mexico City. You can see the full list of accounts here.

Location pages

Our location pages (eg. New York), have a lot of detailed trending data for a city, and are often overlooked. We’ve spruced them up so you can more easily see:

  • Breaking trends
  • Trending links, videos and images
  • People and hashtags that are popular over the last 7 days

Our location pages are all listed here.

ABC Australian Election Trendsmap

We recently licensed a version of Trendsmap to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) for their coverage of the recent Australian election. We filtered purely on election based tweets, and had a timeline so trends could be viewed over time.

World Cup

We also created a version of Trendsmap for the World Cup, which proved a great way to follow the games. Below is one of the visualisations we created from it.

See Here

We’re continuing to work on new features, and if you’d like to give us feedback, please visit our UserVoice.