Paint By Tweets: Geo-Tweet Heatmap of Melbourne

We have been having a bit of fun with Trendsmap over the past few weeks building visualisations out of geo-coded tweet data.

What is a geo-coded tweet? In basic terms, it is a tweet where the person has made available their precise location as part of the tweet. This is typically done using the GPS in many of today’s smart phones running twitter clients.

The images below show a heatmap representation of the density of geo-tweets across Melbourne, Australia.

Click on each image to see a larger resolution version. (right click and ‘save image as..’ to download a copy).

More images to come, but next time we will not tell you which city is represented. You will have to guess!

Geo-tweet Heat map of Melbourne
Melbourne Australia in Geo-tweet view (click image for larger version)

Here you can see the distinctive outline of Port Phillip Bay as the ‘void’ in the middle, the city of Geelong to the bottom left.  The gridded road network is also just visible here, and more clearly the snake-like lines representing the metro train network.

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April Fools 2011: Trending Links and Videos on Trendsmap

If you happened to crawl out from under a rock on April 1st 2011…

…no one would blame you for thinking that Google’s Gmail can be controlled by movement, Youtube is 100 years old, or that IKEA have made a high chair for dogs.

As Trendsmap shows us the interwebs were so abuzz with rumors, jokes and pranks that I’m sure even veterans of the internet had to think twice before writing off some ‘news’ as bogus… It was a crazy news day!

So,  all in all, it was a good day to pretty much ignore the news completely, or from a PR perspective, maybe it was a good time to get some bad news out in the public sphere as it was likely that no one would believe you anyway!

@Scobleizer even asked of his followers:

If anyone has dirt on me can you blog it tonight? @TechCrunch has an article that seems serious but I can’t tell for sure because it’s 4-1.

As we watched April Fools day unfold on twitter (via!) we diligently went about collecting all the top links and videos that people were talking about…

Below are some of these! Enjoy.

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