April Fools 2011: Trending Links and Videos on Trendsmap

If you happened to crawl out from under a rock on April 1st 2011…

…no one would blame you for thinking that Google’s Gmail can be controlled by movement, Youtube is 100 years old, or that IKEA have made a high chair for dogs.

As Trendsmap shows us the interwebs were so abuzz with rumors, jokes and pranks that I’m sure even veterans of the internet had to think twice before writing off some ‘news’ as bogus… It was a crazy news day!

So,  all in all, it was a good day to pretty much ignore the news completely, or from a PR perspective, maybe it was a good time to get some bad news out in the public sphere as it was likely that no one would believe you anyway!

@Scobleizer even asked of his followers:

If anyone has dirt on me can you blog it tonight? @TechCrunch has an article that seems serious but I can’t tell for sure because it’s 4-1.

As we watched April Fools day unfold on twitter (via Trendsmap.com!) we diligently went about collecting all the top links and videos that people were talking about…

Below are some of these! Enjoy.

Trending Links:

April Fools 2011: The Big List

Our Choice: The Funniest April Fools’ Jokes

Angry Nerds

Gmail Motion

Trending Video:

‘Introducing Gmail Motion’

‘Top 5 Viral Pictures of 1911’ Youtube

‘April Fools 2011: Complex Numbers in Math Class’

Yesterday afternoon I did another video trick for my Nature of Math class at Biola University. What’s the difference between the real and the imaginary? Can an imaginary person (like a person in a YouTube video) do something outside the confines of a video box?

‘ICT MxR Lab’s Response to Google’s Gmail Motion’

‘Playmobil Apple Store Play Set from ThinkGeek’

‘Being a Google Autocompleter’

So that’s how they do it!!

We’re hiring autocompleters for Google Search! Are you passionate about helping people? Are you intuitive? Do you often feel like you know what your friends and family are thinking and can finish their thoughts before they can? Are you an incredibly fast Google searcher? Like, so fast that you can do 20 searches before your mom does 1?



It’s actually kinda cool!