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As many of you will have noticed over recent weeks, you can now sign in to Trendsmap via Twitter:

‘Why would I do that?’, you may ask. Here are a few new things you can do on Trendsmap if you sign in:

  • Find something interesting? Now you can quickly and easily retweet it.
  • Easily follow people that are trending, popular, or tweeting about a current trend in your region.
  • Send replies directly back to people that are discussing a particular trend.
  • Favourite tweets.

As well as being able to sign in using the button in the header of the page, you can also just follow/retweet etc, and you will be automatically taken through the sign in process, and your action completed.

There is more client functionality planned as part of an expanded product offering, please stay tuned for updates on that.  In the mean time though, as always, please let us know if you have any queries.

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