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We have been busy with a number of changes to, as well as planning into the future. For those that want the short version of the changes:

  • Addition of Trendsmap Plus, subscription version of Trendsmap with much, much more information.
  • You need to now sign in via Twitter to get some information, including live tweets and some trend metadata.
  • Requiring business & heavy users of Trendsmap to use Trendsmap Plus.

There have been three primary factors driving these changes:

  • Changes to the way in which we get data from Twitter (Twitter API v1 to v1.1)
  • Ensuring the sustainability of into the future
  • The desire to expand the functionality, and insights offered through Trendsmap

Trendsmap Plus

Trendsmap Plus

Screenshot from Trendsmap Plus

From our information page :

Trendsmap Plus gives you up to 5 times more detail than, with faster updates and an enhanced interface that enables you to dive much deeper into news events as they unfold.

Trendsmap Plus has a greater range of the most relevant images, videos (also including vines and vimeo), news articles and people for trending events as they spread across a city, country, region or the entire world.

You can also monitor what people are saying about brands or industries, and quickly identify emerging opportunities for your marketing activities.

There is a lot of development happening with Trendsmap Plus, and we have a number of additional features we are hoping to make available here in the near future, including the ability to review Trends from the previous 24 hours.

Please note that we are now requiring business, commercial, or heavy users of Trendsmap to use Trendsmap Plus instead of the public site, which is primarily for personal use. You can find out more about Trendsmap Plus here.

Twitter Sign In Changes

Due to the changes Twitter have made to the way some data is provided, we are no longer able to provide the list of live, related tweets without an authenticated Twitter user. Previously, live tweets were able to be delivered directly to your browser, without the requirement of authentication. However now, signing in via your Twitter account gives you the same level of detail, as you would have had prior to this change.

About Trendsmap has been developed in, and is run from Melbourne, Australia, by a small independent business running lot of big servers in America. ingests over 100 million tweets every day, and turns them into Trends for the whole world, in over a dozen different languages. We hope that the above changes, and the continued support from many thousands of people that use the site every day, from every corner of the world, will allow us to continue to provide this unique service well into the future.

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