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Whilst many have been focused on the games happening in Brazil, there has been another international tournament playing out in England – the pinnacle of Tennis, Wimbledon. This year saw the greatest interaction with Twitter yet, and in particular people getting behind the underdogs.

This was particularly obvious with Nick Kyrgios from Australia and Eugenie Bouchard from Canada. Both generating a huge amount of support, not just from their home countries, but across the globe.

We’ve used a couple of our new visualisation tools to get some insight into the discussion on Twitter over the two weeks of the tournament.

The graph below shows the percentage of mentions on a daily basis for the 10 most mentioned Ladies over the 2 weeks of the tournament. There’s a key at below that graph, and you can also hover over it to get more detail.

Particularly notable is how most of the early discussion centred around one of the favourites, Venus Williams, but that quickly tapered off when she was eliminated.

Discussion about Maria Sharapova has always been a big topic during grand slams, but in this case, even after she was eliminated, she kept rising due to the Sachin Tendulkar incident.

For the two finalists, Eugenie Bouchard may have been beaten in the final, but overall she had the most mentions of any Ladies’ player. Discussion about Eugenie grew steadily throughout the tournament, markedly more than the winner, Petra Kvitova. There was very little relative discussion about Kvitova until the final itself.

We also created a visualisation showing the last week of activity for the two finalists. Below you can see a heatmap of mentions around world, a chart showing the volumes over the week, and at the side we’re displaying the top tweets.

There are controls to change the speed or pause the animation, and you can also view at your own speed by using the sidebar to the right of the tweets.

You can see the Gentlemen’s post here

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