Trendsmap Plus: More trends, faster interface and Facebook content

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We’ve recently introduced a number of enhancements to Trendsmap Plus to enable you to get more trends, faster.

These improvements mean you can now see more than 5 times as many trends through Plus compared to our Free and Basic plans.

More trends appear when using filters

One thing we are careful to do is not overwhelm the map with words, so there is a limit to how many trends are displayed for a particular location.

We have now improved the filter functionality so that when you de-select one or more of the Words / Hashtags / Usernames filters, more trends will appear to replace the tiles that are being filtered out.

This means that at least 5 times as many trends appear in Plus as they do with our Free or Basic plans.

Faster rendering

When you move around, zoom in and out, or change the filters, the words now appear much faster.

Facebook content

Images and videos that are shared from Facebook on Twitter are now included in the Trending Images and Trending Videos sections.

Better world view

Previously the world view could become cluttered on busy days. We have now enhanced the rendering so it is clearer and easier to read.

These are just some of the new features. Please remember that there are many other features in Plus, including 7 day history, no ads and trend type filters. You can see all features and start a free 7 day trial here.
You can see some examples below of the difference between what you see with our Free and Plus plans.

There is a slider in the middle of each image. Move it horizontally to see how our Free and Plus plans compare.