A Brand New Trendsmap

We’ve just launched a completely revamped version of Trendsmap.  We have been a little quiet over the last year as we have been busy working on many things in the background.  This update is the first stage of making those changes more broadly available.  At a glance the major changes are :

  • New look and feel.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Faster page loads and enhanced security via the use of https (http/2) across the board.
  • Three new map backgrounds to choose from.
  • See the top tweets for global and local trends, as well as top tweets for each city and country.
  • See how many tweets there have been for a trend.
  • New sign up options. As well as Twitter, you can now register via Instagram or Facebook.
  • Enhanced spam filtering
  • Updated trend detection and locating
  • Simplified registration process to reduce the time required to gain full access.

We have also changed the primary URL of the site to https://www.trendsmap.com/ as part of this change, though for the time being the old one is still accessible.  For a very quick overview of the new site,  checkout the video below, and otherwise feel free to go forth and try out the new site!


Looking ahead, we have some major updates to our existing Analytics and Visualisation tools, as well as the introduction of a brand new alerting tool.  As always, if you have any queries about any of this, please get in touch.