Trendsmap Rebooted

Since revamping the entire Trendsmap platform at the end of 2016, we’ve been working hard this year on adding even more exciting features to Trendsmap. It’s been a while, and it is well past time to round up the new features and packages options which Trendsmap has to offer.

Global Top Tweets

The latest tool to be added to the Trendsmap repertoire is the Global Top Tweets tool. This tool allows you to see the top tweets across the entire globe from either the past one hour, 4 hours, 12, hour or 24 hours.

The results provided by this tool are updated constantly ensuring that you have access to the most up to date Twitter trends from around the world.

The Global Top Tweets tool also makes use of a proprietary spam and bot detection analysis feature which helps ensure that the top trending tweets are natural, and are coming from real users, and not bots! As this tool has just been released, we felt like it deserves it’s very own introductory article, so you can read more about this exciting new tool and the features which it has to offer.

Top 100 Tweets – This new tool comes with a number of filtering options to allow you to quickly find the most interesting tweets.

New Subscriptions

We’ve updated our subscription options to include Trendsmap Pro and Trendsmap Premium, to go alongside the existing Trendsmap Plus. These new subscriptions boast an array of powerful new features allowing you go into incredible depth with Analytics, Visualisation and Alerting so you can get the most insight in a timely way from the Twitter platform. You can analyse and visualise up to the last 5 weeks of tweets with Premium, (2 weeks with Pro) which allows you to easily see how activity has changed over more than the last month.

Trendsmap Analytics

The new Trendsmap Analytics Tool allows you to see detailed statistics around any topic of your choice from up to the past 5 weeks. Using boolean queries, and with the ability to filter by time, country, state, region and language, this powerful tool boasts a number of features which provide invaluable insights around tending tweets. Features included in the Trendsmap Analytics tool include –

  • A heat map showing the location in which the highest number of people are discussing a particular topic, where the conversations surrounding these tweets are most active, and where the most popular tweets are coming from.
There are a range of options for visualising data on a map
  • Information on the total number of tweets discussing a particular topic.
Summary of tweets for #HappyHalloween, Halloween or #Halloween from the last week
  • Detailed lists of the most popular tweets, media, urls, and accounts surrounding a particular topic, including no. of retweets, replies, quotes etc.
Top Halloween Media from Trendsmap Analytics
  • Sentiment analysis data showing where people are reacting most positively or negatively to particular topics.
A graph showing tweet volume #HappyHalloween, Halloween or #Halloween from the last week as well as relative sentiment
  • Information on the different hashtags, words and even emojis associated with particular topics.
Halloween Emojis
List of top Halloween related emojis from Trendsmap Analytics

Trendsmap Visualisation

The Trendsmap Visualisation Tool allows you to create engaging animated visualisations based around tweets from anywhere in the world. Advanced controls allow you to completely customise the visualisation display to suit your needs. Using a custom colour scheme and a range of display options, this tool allows you to show multiple trending topics simultaneously whilst also allowing you to choose the specific time frames of tweets.

You can choose which visualisation data you wish to show, for example, you can simply show the map displaying the location of tweets associated with you topic, or you could show more information, such as a combination of the map, chart data, and top tweets list. The ability to customise the data presented allows you to focus on the visualisation of the data which is most important to you. Cloning your existing visualisations allows you to quickly re-use the best settings to for your needs. Other customisation options for how the data itself is displayed using the visualisation tool includes the option to:

  • Show actual topic words on the map instead of points.
  • Control the length, speed, detail in the animation.
  • Use a range of options to change the style used to display the words or points on the map.
  • Specify the country, state, city or region where the tweets are coming from.
  • Choose the language which tweets are written in.
The Trendsmap Visualisation Tool gives you an extensive range of customisation options.

Trendsmap Alerts

The alert system is a great way to keep on top of trending topics which are important to you whilst on the go, and alerts can either be setup manually or through the Analytics tool. A feature of the Premium subscription is being able to integrate the Trendsmap alerts with Slack, so you can be notified of trending tweets relating to your query through this channel.

Using the Analytics tool, alerts are quick and easy to set up. Simply enter your query into the tool, click ‘create alert’ and then choose the frequency in which you would like to be notified about the status of this query. Setting up alerts manually allows you to be even more specific with regards to exactly what hashtags you wish to be notified about. The alerts will be sent directly to email address which is attached to your account, at the frequency which you selected. It’s as simple as that, do note however that depending on how specific your query is, and how popular the topic is, the number of tweets you receive in these alerts will vary, with the initial alert often containing more tweets than subsequent alerts.

Sample Alert Email for Halloween

So… What’s next?

These additional features, alongside the revamped interface of the Trendsmap platform as a whole, make it a more powerful and invaluable tool than ever when it comes to analysing Twitter data and trends.

As we want you to get as much value as possible out of these new tools, over the coming months we will be releasing more in depth articles and guides surrounding them, providing you with the right information to use them to their maximum potential. After all, this really is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the features which these tools can offer you and your business, and the options for tweet analysis, reporting, data export are endless!

We’d also love to hear your feedback on our new tools; things you like about the tools, areas in which you feel they could be improved, even suggestions for new features which could make these tools even better! We’re open to all ideas here at Trendsmap and can’t wait to hear your thoughts! 

Stay tuned for more articles coming your way soon.