iTrended featured as Twitter technology partner

We are very proud to announce that (a Trendsmap product) has been featured as a Technology partner by the Twitter Media team.

Hats off also to Stackla, but despite various reports in the Australian press, Stackla is not the first and only Australian partner! gives detailed reports on official Twitter trends, showing when a trend went global, what cities and countries it trended in, for how long, and at what positions.

Features include:
  • Official Twitter trend data is available back as far as 2009
  • Reports can cover up to a 2 weeks for a single trend
  • Includes global, country and city based trends
  • Changes in trend position reported at a resolution as fine as every 5 minutes
  • HTML report (see a sample), easily share with colleagues or clients
  • Download all the raw data in CSV format and do further analysis with your tools

Learn more at iTrended.