Where has @wherenext been popular?

Heineken launched their @wherenext campaign a week ago, with the aim to enable people to discover places that are happening on their night out.

If you tweet your location to @wherenext you are then presented with nightlife options nearby.

We’ve been tracking mentions of @wherenext with our Analytics tool to see where it’s been popular, and in general we’ve seen most activity in Western Europe and New York.

Of the 1200 tweets from 830 accounts, we located 56% to a city level.

The top cities were London, Paris and New York, and the top languages were English (51%), Spanish (9%) and Italian (7%).

Top cities

The activity has been relatively stable since the initial peak at launch. What is noticeable though is that mentions were a lot lower over the weekend, when perhaps you would expect people to be using the service more.

Top hashtags

Top words

We also noticed that 15% of tweets mentioned the hashtag #openyourcity, which suggests that those were from accounts associated with the brand.

We’ve put together a visualisation below which shows the main activity and top tweets during the week.