More Languages, More Locations, Better Coverage and More Data

It’s been a while between updates but we have have spent that time teaching Trendsmap five more languages and launched more than 240 new location pages.

New languages

Trendsmap can now natively process Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Italian, and Swedish tweets in addition to the existing ones of English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, and Dutch.

This means we can now provide even more detailed and relevant trend information in areas where these languages are spoken.

We have already seen a big impact in the number of trending terms that Trendsmap displays  in the Middle East, Europe and Russia.

Trendsmap showing a number of countries with improved trends including Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

More Locations

We have also added 244 new locations with their very own local page across the globe, mainly in areas where our improved language coverage such as the Middle East, Russia, and parts of Europe.

In the Middle East a number of important cities have been added including recent news hotspots such as Damascus in Syria and Tripoli in Libya, as well as a number of smaller, previously unlisted cities in the region.

For a full list of the over 1300 local pages we now have, please see our Locations Page.

Better Coverage

We are now also doing more processing of data in areas where other languages are typically used.

This means that there is now a lot more hashtag and user trends in popular Twitter areas like South Korea and Japan.

This gives Trendsmap an even more detailed trend coverage across the globe than it has ever had.

More Data

Twitter has grown dramatically over recent years.

As such we have had to grow as well in terms of the volume of tweets we are processing.

Combine this growth with extra languages and additional data from a number of regions, we have gone from processing around 4 million tweets per day when we first started in 2009, to now processing over 60 million tweets per day from across the globe.

This means more trends, in more places as there are more tweets in areas where previously we wouldn’t have been able to extract a trend.

This increase has also allowed us to add in more locations, and we hope to continue to add more of these as possible.