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  • Afghanistan: Pak supports & provides safe havens to Taliban & Haqqani Network terrorist organizations. India: Pakistan supports & provides safe havens to JaishEMohamed terrorist organization. Iran: Pakistan supports & provides safe havens to Jaish ul-Adl terrorist organization.
  • Free Trade with Taliban? As the US looks set to exit, an entrepreneur from Afghanistan thinks aloud about his country's future | @HamedWarasta | ow.ly/dORK30nJau3
  • Kandahar exports 6,000 tons of dried figs worth $34m: By Bashir Ahmad Naadem on 16 February 2019 KANDAHAR CITY (Pajhwok): Fig fruit weighing 6,000 tons worth $34 million has so far been exported to India, Pakistan and other countries from... read more dlvr.it/Qz29W0
  • The President, the Talib and the Envoy. Three Lives shaped by war & study abroad! Years passed, new generation emerged & war continued. The quality & colour of photos improved but our country is still in darkness.
  • Foreign minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshi wants India to share 'actionable' evidence on Pulwama attack. FYI: Ten years ago Mumbai attacks evidence was also shared.
  • Esmat and Eisa R both from #Urozgan province&took exam to join the National Defense University in Afghanistan. Esmat, a #Hazara ethnic scored 312 and is declared failed, Eisa, an ethnic Pashtun passed with only 145 score. This is @ashrafghani 's justice. Such an army will fail!
  • #flashfloods in #Herat continue to destroy dozens of homes. IOM staff supported over 100 families whose houses were damaged by #floods with much needed supplies such as blankets and emergency shelter
  • Paktia - Logar highway .. black and white amazing combination and landscape
  • تک درخت‌ها در طبیعت به لحاظ فرم و محتوا به شدت برام جذابند. زمستان ۹۷ گیلان جان
  • Pakistan cornered by regional countries!! Afghanistan, India & Iran (For Zahidan attack) ALL, calling against Pakistan for attacks in these countries due to Pak’s support & sanctuaries to #JeM #LeT #JaishAlAdl & . A lesson to the only friend left! #Afghanistan #PulwanaAttack
  • During visiting Afghanistan Central Business Registry (ACBR) today, a number of challenges were noted in procurement, capacity, information technology, and other departments. Some of them require immediate action.
  • Hashim khan is our hero, our pride, our voice, our media, our comrede and our strength....❤❤❤❤❤
  • #longvoid
  • وزارت داخله لنگ حمام شده #Afghanistan #afghanbloodmatters #afghanistán #Ministry #Interiors #ministry #Ministers #PeaceAndLove
  • شهر کابل؛ یک روز دیگر شاهد برف‌باری – عکس‌ها از وحید احمدی
  • رویټرز خبري اژانس وايي طالب استازي به په اسلام اباد کې د سعودي له ولیعهد سره وګوري. #Taliban #Pakistan #SaudiArabia #Pence
  • اجراییه ریاست وایي، د بهرنیو ځواکونو وتل د جګړې په ډګر کې د افغان پوځیانو پر روحیه هیڅ اغېز نه لري. یاد ریاست وایي د افغانستان لپاره تر ټولو مهم اصل د امریکا همکاري ده او دوی تمه لري چې هغوی به د جګړې په ډګرونو کې افغان ځواکونه ښه تجهیز کړي.
  • مایک پنس: د سولې په خبرو کې د افغان حکومت ګډون ته هیله من یو dlvr.it/Qz2vfF
  • خلاصه کُت بپوشید کَچَل میشید بازم ازین توییت سیاسی واستون میزنم:)
  • حامد کرزي له APسره په تازه مرکه کې ویلي، چې افغانان سولې ته لېواله دي، خو هېچا ته به اجازه ور نه کړي چې د خلکو پر دې ستره هيله معامله وکړي. د ده په خبره، ځينې هېوادونه هڅه کوي چې د افغان سولې په نامه امتیاز واخلي او همدا راز داسې هڅې روانې دې چې د سولې پر سر رقابتونه رامنځ ته شي.
  • Head of Herat provincial department of Haj and Islamic Affairs, Muhammad Shirzadi, survived gunmen attack on his house, local official said. Sherzadi recently labeled celebration of Valentine’s Day ‘ Haram’ or against Islamic laws. #Afghanistan
  • پېښور ورتــــه مُسکی مُسکی کېدلو!! په کابل چې ورېدلې سپينې واورې!!
  • Our #hackathon, Hack4Integrity just started and runs until 20th Feb! The focus is on using #technology to solve #corruption-related issues. Excited to know the outcome and who is going to win the US$ 30,000 prize? Follow our hashtag #Hack4Integrity for updates.
  • Saudi Assist to Terrorism #Afghanisan #India #PeaceAndLove #afghanbloodmatters #IndianArmy #IndiaSeeksJustice #HumanRights #PakistanSponsoredTerrorism
  • فضلي: یو شمر کسان دې پر کرکټ بورډ له فشار راوستلو ډډه وکړي dlvr.it/Qz23Jb
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