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Do you know why I personally demand to stop wars?
-Grew up without father killed in 1993;
-Lost my eyesight in 1995;
-See tragedies around me;
-See kids orphaned like me;
-Sure that noone benefits from human blood except for dictators;
At this moment towns of Martakert and Shoushi of #Artsakh and capital Stepanakert are being shelled by the #Azerbaijan'i Armed Forces with #Smerch.

Az. military-political leadership continues to commit war crimes, grossly violating all the norms of #IHL & customary int'l law.
Turkish led Azerbaijani forces along with terrorists continue intensive military operations in different directions of the front line, including peaceful settlements across #Artsakh. Their aim is the ethnic cleansing of #Armenians in Artsakh. #RecognizeArtsakh
Video footage from the hospital, adjacent to the maternity center in Stepanakert, during yesterday's shelling pic.twitter.com/6lVAZbRP5L
  • Video footage from the hospital, adjacent to the maternity center in Stepanakert, during yesterday's shelling
  • The photo published in the Le Monde, which is presented as showing the consequences of the “destruction” allegedly carried out by the Armenians in the Azerbaijani city of Barda, was actually made in the capital of Artsakh, after the missile strike on the maternity hospital.
  • The Armed Forces of Azerbaijan keep attacking peaceful settlements of Artsakh
  • I saw this school half-damaged after previous #KarabakhWar, saw it being reconstructed in 2011, saw its reopening in 2012. And today I saw a photo of it damaged again after #Azerbaijan air strikes on #Shushi. Just one thing: you can't kill us. We always revive. And we will again.
  • Les Turcs attaquent les policiers à #Vienne et veulent chasser les #Arméniens comme en 1915. Jusqu'à quand la France va rester neutre ? Jusqu'à quand allons-nous fermer les yeux sur l'expansionnisme turc ? Pourquoi attendre et ne pas sanctionner sévèrement la #Turquie ?
  • Ceasefire of 26 October fails to hold. For the 3rd time #Azerbaijan incapable to respect its own commitments. Unreliable and deceiving political military regime in Baku carries on aggression against #Artsakh. Security risks for people of #NagornoKarabakh very high
  • Hundreds Of Turks & Azeris Take To The Streets In Lyon, France Looking For Armenians.
  • Ça soir, à #Vienne, des #Turcs mènent une expédition punitive à la recherche d’#Armeniens, dans la ville. Ils croisent et agressent un équipage de la @PoliceNat38. Nos collègues ont encore fait preuve de sang-froid et de courage face à 150 individus surexcités. #confinement
  • The moment of #Azerbaijan missile strikes on the Maternity & child Hospital of #Stepanakert today at the basement of the neighboring medical building. Psychological terror is one of the Az goals of targeting civilian buildings regardless of their functions. #DontBeBlind
  • Honestly the easiest thing a single person can do is to #BoycottTurkey. Will you join me?
  • En tant que députés, nous demandons la reconnaissance du #HautKarabakh👇 Il s’agit d’une nécessité absolue puisqu’il en va de la survie du peuple arménien. J’en appelle à une mobilisation collective ! #Artsakh #Arménie 2/2
  • Colonel Aida Serobyan - went through the #Karabakh War as a field nurse. Was wounded twice, in 1992 and 1994. In 2011 she was awarded the Medal for Valor. At 66, still on the battlefields, saving lives, in 2020. First photo from @Hetq_Trace
  • Azerbaijan with Turkey's direct support continues its genocidal policy against #Armenians of #Artsakh . The Azerbaijani armed forces have targeted civilian infrastructure in #Stepanakert and #Shushi deliberately hitting a maternity hospital and a health center through airstrikes.
  • Journalists happened to be videotaping inside a Stepanakert hospital today when Turkey-Azerbaijan bombarded it with Lockheed Martin manufactured F-16 jets. One of the nurses says: “God, save us.”
  • #BREAKING: #EuropeanUnion makes a statement to #KarabakhWar sides, saying "Blabla… Bla bla, bla :( " On #Turkey invasion to #Greece & #Cyprus maritime borders, they stated, "Bla, bla :(" Afterwards European Union went to coffee break to discuss more pleasant issues.
  • Azerbaijani forces hit Artsakh's capital Stepanakert with Smerch MLRS again at about 8.03 a.m., A residential house & a car were destroyed, another nearby building collapsed from the strike. The owner of the house & a neighbor received injuries & were transported to med facility
  • Debate on the motion by @SenatorHousakos calling on the Government of #Canada to condemn the joint Azerbaijani - Turkish aggression and recognize the independence of the Republic of #Artsakh!