7 day tweet volume :
Two things are clear:

1. Now that a politician has made the Hottest 100, it is no longer hot. Sorry about that.
2. It's officially time to get on the beers.

Congrats @mashdnkutcher - I look forward to our next ‘collaboration’.
"Made in Australia" = jobs. We need to be a country that makes things.
There are some extremely ignorant comments coming from the Government backbench about Australia Day. The standard the Prime Minister seems comfortable with is clear, and it’s a disgrace.
  • #1 @GlassAnimals - 'Heat Waves' #Hottest100
  • A tale of two women Christine Holgate - turned Aus Post into a half a billion dollar business. Loses her job over Cartier watches. Is cleared of corruption & fraud. Gladys B - sex scandal, lied to ICAC under oath, shredder of documents, broke the law. Still has her job.
  • Unbelievable that Murdoch media would publish this outrageous cartoon of President Biden calling him  “Creepy Joe” - and for what reason? Then suggesting he’s controlled by a non-existent organisation - “Antifa”. All QAnon crap. #MurdochRoyalCommission
  • Crochet Bernie, this is not a drill
  • 48 hours after eight years in detention, I am here in the Yarra Valley, at a Jimmy Barnes concert. The most Aussie experience I could ever imagine. I am so deeply grateful to Jimmy and the Barnes family for the invitation. #GameOver
  • @ScottTrindall
  • #12 @mashdnkutcher - 'Get On The Beers' [Ft. @DanielAndrewsMP] #Hottest100
  • Good morning again. It’s me Tharnicaa. Kopika is still asleep. We’ve been detained by the Australian Government for 1054 days. Please tell me what it’s like on the outside? #HomeToBilo #Auspol
  • Meanwhile in Australia, we give awards to an ex tennis player who talks in tongues, is a bigot and says the blood of Jesus will protect us from Covid .
  • I put out the goanna pool this morning. Mervyn first to check it out.
  • Australia's hopes of an efficient roll-out of #CoronaVaccine have been dashed as Morrison admits the vaccine may be delayed for months. Morrison blames Pfizer's manufacturing plant but the fact that Morrison placed orders after all other countries caused the supply issue. #auspol
  • twitter.com/triplej/status…
  • Another great day for race relations, Qld LNP style.
  • @mashdnkutcher @DanielAndrewsMP Yep, @DanielAndrewsMP just got into the #Hottest100: "I'm pleased to be in great company ab.co/396gT70
  • From the wonderful people who brought you “Saddam has WMD” and “Sweden is doing great”
  • #63 @ballparkmusic - 'Day & Age' #Hottest100
  • Morrison fails to deliver vaccinations but instead prepares to go on another vacation... #auspol #ScottyFromMarketing #ScottyTheOaf