So honored to receive an Emmy for Nanette.  My gratitude to the Television Academy for recognizing my work, to Netflix for the embrace of my vision & to my team for their humbling faith in me.  If you found strength in Nanette, know that our stories matter; our humanity matters.
The actual words were “put the bigots in the bin”, but Sunrise co-hosts David Koch and Samantha Armytage allowed Barnaby Joyce to repeat the claim unchallenged on Monday morning in a live interview on the program… @meadea
Look what’s possible
In South Korea, the solar panels in the middle of the highway has bicycle path passes beneath.

Cyclists are protected from the sun, they are isolated from traffic and the country can produce clean energy.

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“We cannot have what happened to this President happen again.” Joe DiGenova. “It is time for Justice to come barreling in.” @LouDobbs Can you imagine that with everything going on in this World, the Witch Hunt, though on a respirator, is still whimpering along. A disgrace!
  • Research Week (16-20 September) is a celebration of the incredible #research and researchers within #UQ. Take a look at some of the work being undertaken by the early and mid-career researchers here in our Faculty. >> #UQResearchWeek2019 #UQResearch
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  • Have you seen this missing girl? She was last seen in the Cherbourg area.
  • not long ago the blockers were complaining that renewables were too expensive. now they’re complaining that renewables are too cheap. 🤷🏻‍♂️ there’s no pleasing some people!
  • This is the most amazing review of an athlete I've ever seen
  • Check out the latest edition of #intrapreneur magazine featuring the Chief @leanne_kemp talking about how having an innovation mindset, no matter if you work for yourself or within a large organisation, is the key to a rewarding career. Full story:
  • Do you remember when Kim Kardashian sent Katy Perry her brand new sunglasses and Katy got scared? 😂😂
  • The back of a pew at a synagogue in Ann Arbor, Michigan. My friend took and posted this photo to Facebook yesterday. It took my breath away.
  • This is what it’s all about. The cut and thrust of Ashes cricket. Let’s just have a beer and reminisce. Why cricket is the best! #ashes #sport #summerof19
  • Our Pacific neighbours tell us time and time again that they want Australia to show leadership on climate change. It's about time we started listening. With @FijiPM Frank Bainimarama in Parliament today.
  • “When I got to uni I realised- all of the forces that were aligned against, not just me but particularly my mum, and it made me angry for quite a long time.” @SquigglyRick says he wants to expose the lie that people are ‘morally culpable’ for circumstances of poverty #TheDrum
  • Unusual for higher education, our weekly executive update had an all female group today ⁦@QUT⁩
  • #UQResearchWeek2019 has kicked off! We're celebrating our amazing research and researchers with many events planned this week. So make sure you check out the full list here.
  • JOB ALERT: A PhD scholarship in understanding the dynamics of the blood-brain barrier in response to therapeutic ultrasound is available at the Queensland Brain Institute. #jobalert | Click to apply:
  • Police are appealing to the public for assistance to help locate a 74-year-old woman reported missing from Elanora this morning.