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China just announced tariffs of up to 212% on all Aust wine. Congratulations to all who have ramped up this conflict & turned their backs on diplomacy. U have hobbled one of Australia’s few value-added exports & a great Australian success story. Many smaller producers will close.
This is shocking. The Government has just voted down an additional $7.3 million funding for ICAC.
“you don’t get to argue against climate action in Australia for seven years and then jet off at taxpayer expense and say exactly the opposite.”
So Murdoch, the American billionaire, lays waste to balance and fairness in the Australian media, destroys regional and local papers, & sacks hundreds of journalists and photographers. Despite getting a $40 million Morrison handout. #MurdochRoyalCommission theguardian.com/media/2020/nov…
  • Australia didn’t need to make an enemy of China. But Morrison, high on his mini-me Trump trip, decided to inflame the situation for the short-term approval of his News Corp enablers. Does anyone believe this inch-deep opportunist has this nation’s economic interests at heart?
  • Good afternoon to everyone except Labor and the LNP who had a god laugh when I pointed out that dixers are an undemocratic waste of time then voted against my amendments to ban them
  • Dear PM @ScottMorrisonMP, One Australian family you could easily get home for Christmas is the family of Nades & Priya & their two Australian-born daughters Kopika & Tharunicaa from Biloela held on Christmas Is. Show some compassion. Allow them to return #HomeToBilo. #auspol
  • Hey, @ScottMorrisonMP @MarisePayne @M_McCormackMP all that nonsense from your departments yesterday regarding helping #strandedAussies?  This failure appears to be happening live, right now, for 30 Aussies in San Francisco 👇
  • Our national public debate seems to have lost sight of the central importance of the collapsed Australia-China relationship. Never in 50yrs have we seen an effective $1.1bn export boycott. Is anyone in charge of fixing this mess? A radical reset needed in both Beijing & Canberra.
  • New Zealand's first African MP gave a powerful and emotional maiden speech in Parliament as he recounted his escape from Eritrea.
  • With Qantas worker Peter who got cut off sick leave pay by Qantas while he was getting cancer treatment
  • The government is proposing to force the ABC and SBS to take over commercial broadcasters' local content obligations -- but won't provide any additional funding for it
  • In response to China’s recent economic attacks against Australia I have just one thing to say, Merry Christmas China. -PH
  • Just got this pic from Celia, Taylor and Luke who are now on their way home from San Francisco along with the other stranded Aussies. It shouldn’t have taken a call from me to get them on a plane, but if that’s what it takes, I’ll make 37,000 more.
  • #BREAKING: A Queensland man has been charged with terrorism offences. Police say he was planning to undertake a ‘terrorist act’ in Bundaberg and sought firearms training @10NewsFirstQLD
  • Outcomes of @nhmrc Ideas Grants will be announced on Monday 30 November under embargo Good luck everybody 🤞 @MonashBiol @MonashUni @OzCvA @GaetanBurgio
  • Congratulations Victoria, 28 consecutive days of 0 new cases reported 💕 Yesterday there were 0 lives lost and 9,828 test results received. There are 0 active cases. More detail: dhhs.vic.gov.au/averages-easin… #StaySafeStayOpen #COVID19VicData
  • Ethical vacuum. My @smh @theage cartoon.
  • Take it from Baby #Yoda... there's no reason to not wear sunscreen. Always apply 20 minutes before going outdoors and use a generous amount of sunscreen (at least one teaspoon per limb).
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  • "That's the spider's house now." Have you ever seen a spider this big? Jake Gray posted a photo of the mammoth huntsman spider online yesterday. It's located in Cairns, Far North Queensland. 7NEWS.com.au #7NEWS
  • Happy Friday to everyone except for the driver of this Toyota Corolla (557AA3) who tried to kill me on my morning commute. I'm shaken, but thankfully ok. A few cm's more and I'd be seriously injured or worse. When are we going to get serious in addressing Australia's car problem?
  • 🚨Not only is Westpac outright refusing to comment on the biggest scandal since its child sex debacle, PR Lisa Parrett is calling (never in writing) media keen to follow the story + baselessly claiming it's inaccurate; threatening legal action + threatening to pull advertising $$
  • Littleproud admits his "government" understands that it's likely that China's bans on Australian goods is directly linked to Morrison's megaphone diplomacy which he directed at Premier Xi. He thinks the situation can be "fixed" by trade talks. China won't take his calls. #auspol