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That water they found on the moon has already been diverted to a property owned by Angus Taylor.
Please RT if you want @sussanley to STOP destruction of key koala habitat.
If a Minister for the Environment won't fight to save the koalas -due for distinction by 2050 - is there any point in having one?
Just have a Minister for Naked Development, and be done with it?
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A gravel quarry expansion in Brandy Hill, Port Stephens was fast-tacked and approved this year by the Berejiklian government. Now requires sign-off by @sussanley and we are fighting hard. After delaying her decision twice, it’s now due THIS FRIDAY. newcastleherald.com.au/story/6907986/…
Blistering analysis of the “mates” culture in the Morrison govt by ⁦@BernardKeane
This is a govt that has no hesitation in using public funds to benefit its mates and its political ambitions.
A strong independent ICAC would see many Libs in jail. crikey.com.au/2020/10/27/sco…
Unbelievable. The Government has been subsidising Clive Palmer's private jets in the middle of a pandemic. pic.twitter.com/uiHhQu1MjC
  • Unbelievable. The Government has been subsidising Clive Palmer's private jets in the middle of a pandemic.
  • Hey awesome Melburnians - I know it has been a long haul but your help is really needed once more. This 15 yr old girl has gone missing and @VictoriaPolice urgently need your help. Please share far and wide so she can be found. 🙏🏼police.vic.gov.au/search-missing… @abcmelbourne @LaTrioli
  • Today's spooky animal is a poodle moth! They have no bloody business that fluffy. They fly around Venezuela asking everyone if they can have the lämp, and they do get them. All the lämps.
  • Police with recognisable fascist tattoos arresting protector at top camp just now #DjabWurrungTrees
  • And for a change from #jacaranda, here is a Flame tree in all its glory & some #insect holes
  • Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison have spoken on the phone... @7NewsAustralia #auspol
  • أقامت السفارة #السعودية لدى #استراليا ندوة عن #تمكين_المرأة بمناسبة رئاسة المملكة ل #مجموعة_العشرين تحدث فيها: د.ثريا عبيد د.هلا التويجري @ReemAlfrayan أ.لينا المعينا @SAlkhedheiri وحضرها عدد من المسؤولين وسيدات المجتمع الدبلوماسي والأعمال وأكاديمين مهتمين بهذا الشأن في استراليا.
  • Think the new stray girl has decided to move in..
  • Early tourism promotion for Canberra
  • Do not forget to register to ABACBS2020 to listen to all these great speakers abacbs.org/conference2020
  • Australia needs a powerful anti-corruption watchdog – a strong cop on the beat. But the fear of getting caught shouldn’t be the main reason to do the right thing. We need politicians that are in public life to serve the community, not themselves. @QandA
  • It's been revealed advertising for the Government's COVIDsafe app has cost nearly $7 million in two months, prompting Labor to label it a failure after it picked up just 17 contacts. @jekearsley #AusPol #9News
  • A new study’s found #deepfake videos, are becoming more common, and harder to detect. @DrSimonJCropper breaks it down for us on this fab episode of @BehindTheNews - an education program for 10 - 13 year olds. abc.net.au/btn/classroom/…
  • We are recruiting a tenure-track assistant professor in #InfectiousDiseases and #Immunology related to infection with virus. Check out and apply to start your lab within our dynamic interdisciplinary community at the heart of Lake Geneva region #FacultyPosition See link 2nd tweet
  • PUBLIC HEALTH ALERT – SOUTH-WEST SYDNEY The discovery of COVID-19 virus fragments in sewage at a treatment plant in Glenfield in south western Sydney has prompted renewed calls for residents to get tested. Read more: health.nsw.gov.au/news/Pages/202…
  • NSW Transport Workers' Union members will vote on Friday whether to "ground" Qatar Airways flights coming into Sydney Airport, following the "attack on the human rights of Australian female airline passengers" in Doha earlier this month @politicsabc #auspol
  • The @CSIRO and @ourANU are partnering to offer a number of $15,000 (p.a) awards for PhD students to work with scientists and engineers at the cutting edge of research to address industry challenges. Are you keen? Find out more here: ceat.org.au/innovation-tra… #PhDchat