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Climate strike in Glebe Park Canberra @GuardianAus pic.twitter.com/xHrFTZUqRs
Parliament has has sat for just 44 days in 2019 so far.
"What I would say to students around Australia is that school time is a time to go to school."

@MathiasCormann on the #schoolstrike4climate pic.twitter.com/FKEul2BMNG
You know how we take something like collective pride when our sporting teams do well, or an Australian shows does something brave, steps up internationally? Well how bloody good are these young Australians?
The kids are orright.
Humungous crowd in Sydney for #ClimateStrike 2019! Youth are sick of adults dragging their heels on #climate action! #schoolstrike4climate #ClimateCrisis #ClimateJustice #ClimateAction pic.twitter.com/XUjZLRhprx
Expecting Kiribati government to make an announcement at 6pm local time about diplomatic ties with Taiwan/China.
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  • Climate strike in Glebe Park Canberra @GuardianAus
  • Organisers say there are some 22,000 people at Hobart’s global climate rally - they say this is the biggest strike action Tasmania has ever seen @abchobart
  • Very large and very loud crowd at #Canberra’s #schoolstrike4climate
  • .@TheAusInstitute proud to be at the #schoolstrike4climate #auspol
  • When Climate Change denier Barnaby Joyce was made Drought Envoy he was given 2 extra staff, additional resources, & more travel entitlements. But what did he do? Now we learn he didn’t even deliver a report! #fail
  • Here’s what Bill Ryan, a 97-year-old World War II veteran wishes he could say to Scott Morrison
  • Why is it that various hard right commentators describe school kids worried about climate change as “brainwashed”? So it’s brainwashing to convey a scientific consensus but perfectly respectable to indoctrinate them about a god for whom not a shred of evidence exists?
  • The #schoolstrike4climate in #Canberra is easily the largest I’ve seen since the Iraq war rallies. I’d estimate 10,000.
  • Organisers at Hobart’s Climate Strike rally estimate crowd numbers have hit 22,000. Bob Brown believes it’s bigger than the Franklin Dam protests and may be the biggest Hobart has even seen. @abchobart
  • Come and hang out with Floyd, the giant pink gnome, as he travels to Belconnen tomorrow for Floriade in the Suburbs. Celebrate the arrival of spring from 12pm - 3pm with a full program of live entertainment, free activities & delicious menu. More here: bit.ly/33fZ1Bz
  • US President Bill Clinton and Paul Keating at the White House, during the Prime Minister's 1993 visit to the United States
  • This is the biggest rally in Tasmania’s history. Absolutely MASSIVE. #Strike4Climate
  • We've got skills shortages right across Australia because of the Liberals' failure to invest in TAFE and training. This is a brake on our economy. Because when you lock someone out of education, you're locking them out of a job. #auspol
  • Canberra is not playing ✊🏽 #GlobalClimateStrike
  • READ: bit.ly/2LAjPNk Ten years after the announcement of Australia’s paid parental leave scheme, it's time for policymakers, experts, industry & government to do more to support Australian families, says @ANURegNet's Belinda Townsend. Via @APPSPolicyForum. #auspol
  • Humorous moment at the end of QT on Thursday where Russell @BroadbentMP claimed to have been “most grievously” misrepresented by @PhillipCoorey in the @FinancialReview.
  • How inspiring is the #schoolstrike4climate. The message to politicians is clear - it’s our duty to listen. It’s our duty to ACT. #Canberra