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NZ tennis player Artem Sitak states that athletes were told that if one person on the flight tested positive, that the whole plane would have to quarantine. It was stated on a conference call that not all players attended.
Media rarely report the government debt data nowadays:
Last week, the AOFM confirmed government debt at a hefty $809 billion - up from $273 billion from the time of the 2013 election.

A big miss, you might say, from the team that promised to pay debt off
Tennis players venting their frustrations to a Melbourne public who did one of the toughest lockdowns in the world aren’t about to find sympathy any time soon, just sayin. Play on.
  • This isn't leadership.
  • Almost impossible to overstate the stupidity of Dim Tim Smith. One of tennis circuit's more likeable players tweets he's happy to be here and grateful, and this absolute dipshit attacks him. Does the Liberal Party in Vic. actually want to drive its vote down to nothing? #DimTim
  • Sitak, que estava no vôo do coronga, deu uma perspectiva diferente da que muitos tenistas estão comentando por aí. Ele disse que a Tennis Australia fez uma call com os jogadores um tempo atrás e muitos escolheram não participar.
  • Vitamin D ☀️
  • @gliterwrld
  • @mirandadevine I remember cracking it at a party when I was 5 once, leaving in a giant sook and coming back ten minutes later when I realised no one gave a shit I'd left and I needed more attention. Don't know why I found myself thinking of that story just then Miranda. No idea why at all.
  • This is what Facebook was made for
  • Less than a month after photos emerged of Ben Roberts-Smith cheerfully posing with the prosthetic leg of a murdered Afghan man, which he and his buddies drank from, the Daily Mail runs this puff piece about him "debuting" his new girlfriend.
  • This could literally save a life. Save a family. My god
  • Grand slam preparation 😅
  • Craig Kelly has been widely condemned by doctors for spreading anti-vax lies and conspiracy theories. Except by the 4 doctors in the Australian government. We have no leadership in this country anymore. #ScottyFromMarketing #auspol
  • #BREAKING : Out-going USA security adviser, Robert O'Brien confirmed the reason Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison awarded Legion of Merit award was "he(Mr Morrison) cooperated with Trump administration to try and find dirty stain on Mr Biden"
  • Rule 1 of quarantine : no contact 🚷☕️🍳🥑✅🇦🇺🙏🏻 #day1 #happytobehere #grateful #readytowork
  • So now we know-rorting, rooting, sleeping with the enemy, misinformation, outright lying are all fine, but you’re not allowed to divorce. Can it possibly get any more hypocritical?-Time to empty this bin!
  • @rohan_connolly The first one is from today, Timmy 🦇 abusing sports stars. The second one is a bonus for you, Timmy 🦇 telling others to leave the politics out of sport. You’re welcome!
  • Craig Kelly’s motive is to save lives based on scientific data. Well said Alan
  • Zip it ⁦@GladysB⁩ ! Enough. #nswcovid
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