I honestly don't understand why we have had nearly ten years of pretending that the Adani Carmichael mine is viable.

Here's some really simple maths explaining why it just doesn't stand up financially:

1. Plan is for a 10m ton per year mine, rising to 20mtpa
Australia is on track to soon spend more on franking credit refunds to retirees who don’t pay tax than it spends on public schools. No, this debate isn’t over.
My prediction: franking credits is an issue that won't go away. Younger voters are horrified that tax concessions to the old and rich swung the election. This isn't settled.
There is systematic censorship around Manus&Nauru in the Aus media, that’s why the gov can continue this policy. BBC, CNN, AJ, France24, Time, WP, and many leading international media have reported the human crisis here, but only a few in Aus media have dared to.#auspol
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  • Tim Wilson admitted on #AfternoonBriefing that the Death Tax line was basically a lie they pulled out of something someone said at sometime. Every time he speaks from here in we hope you will think of this. #Auspol
  • Introducing Playdate, a new handheld gaming system from Panic. It fits in your pocket. It's got a black and white screen. It includes a season of brand-new games from amazing creators. Oh and… there's a crank???? play.date Yes. A thread…
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  • So two weeks ago when queers asked to respond to SMH's dumb "queer fascism" op-ed the editors claimed that they don't run responses to opinion pieces... until this week where apparently we'll be hearing from AC Griffith and her extended friendship circle? Okay... 🤔
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  • Lana Del Rey: I'm literally insulting you. Moby: I didn't know whether she was insulting me.
  • Some wombats just act like they own the footpath don't they? But this bushwalker in Cradle Mountain had an itch that just couldn't wait! 😂 #WombatWednesday #werkit 📹: Piotr Babis.
  • This stop motion Spider-Man Noir clip:
  • say what you like lucas dow (head of #adani mining) but the carmichael project will not deliver thousands of jobs and is not environmentally responsible.
  • South Sudanese-Australian artist @atongatem shares the impact of the racism she experienced growing up in Australia. #ArtBites
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