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It is a devastating day for millions of Australians:
- $750/fortnight cut for part time JobKeeper workers
- $300/fortnight cut for full time JobKeeper workers
- $300/fortnight cut to JobSeeker for unemployed
With less $ to spend, less $ goes to local businesses.
Get Smart predicted the Hotel Quarantine fiasco 55 years ago #COVID19Vic pic.twitter.com/5g7q1C9Yre
Their strategy of attacking the Premiers has backfired so now the Federal Libs are going after both Vic and Qld Health Ministers.
Farmers push back on Coalition’s gas-led recovery, saying quality of land and water must take priority #auspol theguardian.com/australia-news…
  • Get Smart predicted the Hotel Quarantine fiasco 55 years ago #COVID19Vic
  • The Government’s Climate Change Solution
  • Should politicians associate with @friendlyjordies? On the one hand, he exposes government corruption and rural health neglect. On the other hand, he once had sex in an Airbnb. I'm really torn. #auspol #nswpol
  • #COVID19VicData: Yesterday there were 14 new cases & the loss of 8 lives reported. Our thoughts are with all affected. The 14 day rolling average & number of cases with unknown source are down from yesterday as we move toward COVID Normal. Info dhhs.vic.gov.au/averages-easin… #COVID19Vic
  • A glass of milk.
  • The front page of ⁦@theheraldsun⁩, 20 years ago today. A nation holds its collective breath for Cathy Freeman.
  • In March, billionaire Solomon Lew tearfully called Frydenberg to ask the govt to introduce JobKeeper afr.com/politics/feder…. His firm got around $45m in JobKeeper. It just announced huge profits & $57m dividend. Lew will personally get over $20m. afr.com/companies/reta… #auspol
  • An interesting comparison to stand the below witness list of the Ruby Princess Inquiry up against the witnesses that have appeared at the Victorian Hotel Quarantine Inquiry. Not one NSW State or Federal MP, Minister or NSW Premier appeared at the Ruby Princess Inquiry. #Auspol
  • On Victoria Police, another harmful lie which is still being spread has been proven to be false 👇
  • Our strong borders have kept Queenslanders safe and allowed our economic recovery to begin. The ADF is remaining for other states’ border protection. Why not Queensland? @StevenJMiles #covid19au
  • Bill Murray receives a legal demand from the Doobie Brothers. And it’s everything you’d want it to be...
  • Today, the Morrison Government's cuts to JobSeeker begin. This will be a kick in the guts to struggling people. We're still smack bang in the middle of this pandemic, and right at the start of the Morrison recession. Now is not the time to be cutting support from Australians.
  • It's almost like we learnt nothing from the GFC
  • Trump at the court as crowd chants “vote him out” — it’s rare for this President to see his opposition this up-close and in-person
  • Join @TaikaWaititi, @TwoPaddocks, @rhysiedarby & @TheAcademy tomorrow morning 7am AEST & 9am NZT, who will be live tweeting along while watching Hunt for the @Wilderpeople & sharing behind the scenes stories from the making of it! #WatchWithTheAcademy
  • if ur not livid ur on the wrong side
  • Vote for a public register revealing who owns our water was lost 45-41. These are the 45 who voted it down. Please share. Their voters deserve to know. #nswpol #auspol #water