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  • It seems that @JoshFrydenberg struggles a bit with facts so we helped him.
  • Well I guess we know the answer to this….
  • You want this video. You need this video. You love this video. You cheer this video.
  • An animal rescue group is scrambling to find foster homes for five dogs found heartlessly dumped in bushland near Medowie. Volunteers say one of the dogs is pregnant, another had recently given birth and it's believed another two are still missing @nbnnews
  • More cheeky banter caught on the TV stump mic! #AUSvIND
  • "Murali, I know he's your captain but you can't seriously like him as a bloke" Australia captain Tim Paine gets the last laugh with an absolute zinger against @imVkohli 🤣
  • The W-League has come a long way since its humble beginnings 10 years ago. But what you may not know, is most players still juggle their football commitments with full-time work. We spent a day with one such player to see how they do it. @katehaberfield
  • Our entire Moon (including the side we can't see from Earth). Video from @LRO_NASA
  • Just re-reading this 2014 survey of economists, where 1.88% admitted to "Accept[ing] or offer[ing] sex in exchange for (co-)authorship, access to data or promotion". Oh dear. sciencedirect.com/science/articl…
  • 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968) Cinematography by Geoffrey Unsworth Directed by Stanley Kubrick This movie is all about the ocular imagery: buff.ly/2AO9A1B
  • Budget ram raid on university research: cuts of $328.5 million to #research funding have been unveiled in today's #MYEFO. Read our media release here: bit.ly/2A25val #UniResearchChangesLives #auspol
  • There's another Trevor in the wild out there for someone at Alamo Drafthouse
  • @DougieFreshii @DreamwalkerWC @thelionlogos @GreenMike16 @grabaroot @CylantJustice @donnie_maga @Shadowspectre01 @FederalistNo78 @LoveAmericaNOW @marty713 @InmateTwitmo @TWITMO_INMATE @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @BradFitzpatriot @paulacblades001 @TheAmericanLef1 @WillOfThePeopl5 @SmackYeti @darla22686198 @MemeSyndicate @AnonymousInfo6 @TimMerr1tt @joshua_nimmons @Info5Anonymous @meadlynn1 @fcfootsteps @JustMeLiberty @Matthew22655 @WeThePeeps4517 @daisyboca @bella_pmk @Qtastic3 @_twiceborn_ @AltHutch @craigsolve @DaleDholc @AmericaHasBalls @RickeyB11595096 @aleeyun_nvaazun @Sandfarmer007 @laztar11 @TrumpFrolicker @QBlueSkyQ @QAnon711 @goodmedicine4us @HBronnenberg2 @RainmakerMays The Order of Saint Rupert of Salzburg - HRE The Order of Saint Rupert of Salzburg - Founded in 1701 by Johannes Ernst von Thun, Archbishop of Salzburg, who created this Order to honour Saint Rupert,
  • 'We as a nation need to do better': @AndrewGaze10 says @NBL Indigenous round provides important perspective.
  • It's the not-to-be-missed summer blockbuster everyone's talking about starring @broad4mallee #auspol
  • Gang-gangs sharing corn, bowerbirds building nests, & princess parrots resting. A lunchtime walk at #HealesvilleSanctuary always pays off
  • Double number line easily created using an upside down shelf and yarn. Children can order premade number and subitizing cards or create their own. A fun activity for indoors or #outdoors. #joyfulmath #MTBoS
  • @DougieFreshii @DreamwalkerWC @thelionlogos @GreenMike16 @grabaroot @CylantJustice @donnie_maga @Shadowspectre01 @FederalistNo78 @LoveAmericaNOW @marty713 @InmateTwitmo @TWITMO_INMATE @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @BradFitzpatriot @paulacblades001 @TheAmericanLef1 @WillOfThePeopl5 @SmackYeti @darla22686198 @MemeSyndicate @AnonymousInfo6 @TimMerr1tt @joshua_nimmons @Info5Anonymous @meadlynn1 @fcfootsteps @JustMeLiberty @Matthew22655 @WeThePeeps4517 @daisyboca @bella_pmk @Qtastic3 @_twiceborn_ @AltHutch @craigsolve @DaleDholc @AmericaHasBalls @RickeyB11595096 @aleeyun_nvaazun @Sandfarmer007 @laztar11 @TrumpFrolicker @QBlueSkyQ @QAnon711 @goodmedicine4us @HBronnenberg2 @RainmakerMays The Imperial Nobility of Austria Of The Holy Roman Empire
  • Hey Broady, G'say mate. How's that promotion going?
  • @DougieFreshii @DreamwalkerWC @thelionlogos @GreenMike16 @grabaroot @CylantJustice @donnie_maga @Shadowspectre01 @FederalistNo78 @LoveAmericaNOW @marty713 @InmateTwitmo @TWITMO_INMATE @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @BradFitzpatriot @paulacblades001 @TheAmericanLef1 @WillOfThePeopl5 @SmackYeti @darla22686198 @MemeSyndicate @AnonymousInfo6 @TimMerr1tt @joshua_nimmons @Info5Anonymous @meadlynn1 @fcfootsteps @JustMeLiberty @Matthew22655 @WeThePeeps4517 @daisyboca @bella_pmk @Qtastic3 @_twiceborn_ @AltHutch @craigsolve @DaleDholc @AmericaHasBalls @RickeyB11595096 @aleeyun_nvaazun @Sandfarmer007 @laztar11 @TrumpFrolicker @QBlueSkyQ @QAnon711 @goodmedicine4us @HBronnenberg2 @RainmakerMays 👆cont,,,, Order of the Defeated Dragon - Ordo Draconum  The Order of the Defeated Dragon. Latin: Societas Draconistarum, lit. "Society of the Dragonists" This society is connected to the Holy Roman Empire. holyromanempireassociation.com/order-of-the-d…
  • @DougieFreshii @DreamwalkerWC @thelionlogos @GreenMike16 @grabaroot @CylantJustice @donnie_maga @Shadowspectre01 @FederalistNo78 @LoveAmericaNOW @marty713 @InmateTwitmo @TWITMO_INMATE @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @BradFitzpatriot @paulacblades001 @TheAmericanLef1 @WillOfThePeopl5 @SmackYeti @darla22686198 @MemeSyndicate @AnonymousInfo6 @TimMerr1tt @joshua_nimmons @Info5Anonymous @meadlynn1 @fcfootsteps @JustMeLiberty @Matthew22655 @WeThePeeps4517 @daisyboca @bella_pmk @Qtastic3 @_twiceborn_ @AltHutch @craigsolve @DaleDholc @AmericaHasBalls @RickeyB11595096 @aleeyun_nvaazun @Sandfarmer007 @laztar11 @TrumpFrolicker @QBlueSkyQ @QAnon711 @goodmedicine4us @HBronnenberg2 @RainmakerMays Order of the Defeated Dragon - Ordo Draconum  The Order of the Defeated Dragon (Latin: Societas Draconistarum, lit. "Society of the Dragonists") was a monarchical chivalric order for selected nobility, founded in 1418 by Sigismund, King of Hungary holyromanempireassociation.com/order-of-the-d…
  • 💓 One year, thousands of memories.💓 Here are some of our favourites. #LoveWhereYouLearn
  • MATCH ANNOUNCEMENT January 13th at @maxwatts_syd PWA BLACK LABEL PRESENTS: Diego's last show .... Jimmy Havoc vs @MattyWahlberg21 .... Get your tickets now at maxwattstickets.oztix.com.au/default.aspx?e…
  • ガチだ……
  • A celebrity faith healer accused of sexually abusing more than 300 women has turned himself in to authorities in Brazil ab.co/2QVSx7Q
  • Love that #BanditoSydney #twentyonepilots
  • Did you know we have a web page to help reunite missing dogs and cats with their families? If your furry friend is missing, you can check our page to see if one of our friendly Rangers have found them for you lm.city/2Cos8sR.
  • @DougieFreshii @DreamwalkerWC @thelionlogos @GreenMike16 @grabaroot @CylantJustice @donnie_maga @Shadowspectre01 @FederalistNo78 @LoveAmericaNOW @marty713 @InmateTwitmo @TWITMO_INMATE @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @BradFitzpatriot @paulacblades001 @TheAmericanLef1 @WillOfThePeopl5 @SmackYeti @darla22686198 @MemeSyndicate @AnonymousInfo6 @TimMerr1tt @joshua_nimmons @Info5Anonymous @meadlynn1 @fcfootsteps @JustMeLiberty @Matthew22655 @WeThePeeps4517 @daisyboca @bella_pmk @Qtastic3 @_twiceborn_ @AltHutch @craigsolve @DaleDholc @AmericaHasBalls @RickeyB11595096 @aleeyun_nvaazun @Sandfarmer007 @laztar11 @TrumpFrolicker @QBlueSkyQ @QAnon711 @goodmedicine4us @HBronnenberg2 @RainmakerMays The Imperial Order of the Iron Crown - HRE The Imperial Order of the Iron Crown - HRE (Italian: Ordine imperiale della Corona ferrea; German: Kaiserlicher Orden der Eisernen Krone) was re-established in 1815 by Emperor Franz I of Austria.
  • The most important outcome being sought by Council is that the city’s maritime history is preserved in Newcastle: @CityNewcastle CEO Jeremy Bath bit.ly/2QZ4Y2D
  • waiting for the boys to come on this is so beautiful #banditosydney
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