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I wrote out some thoughts on how to make this moment a real turning point to bring about real change––and pulled together some resources to help young activists sustain the momentum by channeling their energy into concrete action. medium.com/@BarackObama/h…
Your reminder that tear gas is a chemical weapon banned in war.
George Floyd and I were both arrested for allegedly spending a counterfeit $20 bill. For George Floyd, a man my age, with two kids, it was a death sentence. For me, it is a story I sometimes tell at parties. That, my friends, is White privilege.
  • The moment our @7NewsAustralia team is attacked by police. Cameraman Tim Myers has covered war zones around the world. Today this is what confronted him and @AmeliaBrace outside the White House
  • #BunkerBoy <may contain traces of #auspol>
  • THIS.
  • A small group of Māori men performed the Haka during tonight’s rally in Perth #standinginsolidarity
  • Why do they refuse to apologise for an unlawful scheme that fleeced Australians of hundreds of millions of dollars, and caused tremendous pain? #Robodebt
  • Houston Police Chief @ArtAcevedo: “Let me just say this to the President of the United States, on behalf of the police chiefs of this country: please, if you don’t have something constructive to say, keep your mouth shut.”
  • Today in Sydney, Australia. A 16 year old Aboriginal boy slammed to the ground by Police! #BlackLivesMatter #AboriginalLivesMatter #PoliceBrutality #16yearsold
  • EVEN Syria is standing with the BLM movement!? SYRIA! on top of godamn ruins. Save your excuses.
  • @notmastrofpuppt
  • This is Perth in Western Australia (WA). WA has the highest number of Aboriginal Australians who have died in custody out of all Australian states. Tonight, West Aussies from all backgrounds came together demanding justice for George Floyd and equality for Blak Australia.
  • Hundreds of supporters turned out for #BLMPerth I have attended every Blak Death in Custody rally and every Invasion Day protest for 3 years and I haven’t seen crowds like tonight, EVER. #BLM
  • This says it all. #GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter #REVOLUTION
  • Anarchists, we see you!
  • A short yet beautiful story
  • Large crowd gathered at #GeorgeFloyd solidarity protest in Perth, Western Australia - happening now #BlackLivesMatter #deathsincustody