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So @PeterDutton_MP gloats that a report found that he has no power or responsibility at our borders?
It’s an outrage that ABF couldn’t stop this boat. What happened to the PM’s promised “direct command”?
PS Hey tough guy, have the guts to @ me the next time you try to attack me
The Australian Border Force have been vindicated today by the Walker Inquiry into the Ruby Princess. If Kristina Keneally had any decency she would offer a full apology to the ABF officers she has slandered and defamed in recent months.
There's going to be a very significant legal fight over the #FOI status of @ScottMorrisonMP's 'National Cabinet'. The PM has stretched cabinet confidentiality way beyond legitimate boundaries. Democratic accountability requires this be challenged #auspol theage.com.au/national/victo…
Women Against Patriarchy (WAP) 2020 😜
Warm wishes to @narendramodi and the people of India on their Independence Day. The deep friendship and partnership between Australia and India is founded on bharosa (trust), samman (respect) and shared values. Happy Independence Day!
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  • Australian Government Corruption Scandals #RubyPrincess & @PeterDutton_MP Thread: 1/17
  • Many people have been using quarantine as a time to perfect their bread or coffee making skills, but I personally have taken this as an opportunity to make increasingly unsettling eggs
  • Cracked pepper anyone?
  • Not a very good investment is he? What does he do, when the State Premiers do all the work?
  • My boyfriend said that Wes Anderson looks like all his cast members, but I want to point out specifically that you can put him between any two of his cast members and he will look like a face mashup app result
  • Premiers Plate no. 4 🏆🏆🏆🏆 #SydneyIsSkyBlue #Premi4rs #OneDown
  • Marge Simpson has something to say.
  • rt to disrupt male hierarchies and incite hostile behavior from poor performing males
  • NEVER. IN. DOUBT. 👊😁🐇❤️💚 #NRLCowboysSouths #OldestProudestLoudest #GoRabbitohs
  • Lessons of my parents: Work is a virtue.
  • genghis khan dropping an apology video on youtube in 2 days
  • @MaddowBlog @maddow A friend in Portland Oregon sounding the alarm as post boxes are being removed from neighborhoods. He sent this pic.
  • 2019/20 PREMIERS!! 🙌🙌 🏆🏆🏆🏆 #SydneyIsSkyBlue #Premi4rs #OneDown #SYDvWUN
  • 500+ German doctors explaining the pandemic is a fake. Everyone and especially docs and nurses around needs to see this so they can join the movement to speak out. Their website is acu2020 dot Org RT please as this is very important 🙏
  • Heard some cattle bellowing, went to investigate and found a 🐨 in the middle of their paddock. Had to give the little guy an escort through the paddock
  • HCQ works and ends this pandemic!!??