7 day tweet volume :
  • A nurse earning $65k pays $13k in income tax while a retired shareholder who gets $65k from shares pays $0 in income tax and gets an extra $27k cash refund from the taxpayer. How is this fair?#auspol
  • Buried in this media release from Melissa Price is Australia's official acknowledgement of the extinction of another mammal species - the Bramble Cay Melomys. Australia's first anthropogenic climate change extinction. RIP little mouse. environment.gov.au/minister/price…
  • Minister Cormann looks up as Senator Penny Wong enters the committee room to begin questions on his travel
  • How do Ministers Cash and Keenan still have their jobs? Today we learnt in #Estimates they refused repeated requests to give evidence to the @AusFedPolice on the leaking of information which compromised a police operation.
  • As @SenatorDoug says, it’s game, set, match. The DPP tells #Estimates they would have prosecuted over the Cash police raid leak, except for Cash, Keenan and their staff refusing to provide witness statements.
  • 69 women died by violence last year. 6 so far this year. Staggering the PM hasn’t met with the Office of Women (but he did race to Qld during the ‘strawberry crisis’ and no one had died). Hardly surprising given he didn't mention DV for nearly 6 months #auspol #greens
  • Safe to say this was never meant to see the light of day #Adani mobile.abc.net.au/news/2019-02-1…
  • Thanks to @EA_Australia, we're giving away a full #Anthem download key for PC and two Red Bulls in this gorgeous art box! Like and RT for your chance to win!
  • The government plans to send sick refugees and people seeking asylum to Christmas Island. This is utter bastardry and a denial of the Parliament's intentions.
  • Former Australian, Cantebury and Norths playmaker Tim Pickup has gone missing from his Narrabeen retirement home. Tim has dementia and "other medical conditions". If you have any information, call Dee Why police station.
  • BREAKING NEWS: Labor has drafted new laws to clean up the banks. Morrison needs to let the parliament pass these laws as soon as possible.