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Please RT if you want @sussanley to STOP destruction of key koala habitat.
If a Minister for the Environment won't fight to save the koalas -due for distinction by 2050 - is there any point in having one?
Just have a Minister for Naked Development, and be done with it?
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A gravel quarry expansion in Brandy Hill, Port Stephens was fast-tacked and approved this year by the Berejiklian government. Now requires sign-off by @sussanley and we are fighting hard. After delaying her decision twice, it’s now due THIS FRIDAY. newcastleherald.com.au/story/6907986/…
Said I'd go a little higher up the shelf. Here's to you, Victoria. pic.twitter.com/JbsbmUxmoZ
Shock revelation that government has provided taxpayer subsidies for Clive Palmer Minerology private jets; Crown casino private jets and Leppington Pastoral Company private jets. But no money for Dnata (former Qantas Catering) workforce. How is this OK? #qt #auspol
That water they found on the moon has already been diverted to a property owned by Angus Taylor.
  • Said I'd go a little higher up the shelf. Here's to you, Victoria.
  • I tried to speak about the need for a federal anti-corruption commission in Parliament today. The Morrison Government chose to shut down debate instead.
  • Today's a good day.
  • So while the Andrews government was announcing the opening up of Melbs, it was concurrently cutting down a sacred part of Djap Wurrung heritage #shame This was the beautiful Directions Tree.
  • Look what I just arrived home to. Well done Victoria. What an amazing State we live in and what an amazing achievement by all. Thank you. 🍩🍺
  • Does the Prime Minister really think one million unemployed Australians weren't good at their jobs?
  • Once again, yesterday there were no new cases and no lost lives reported. In Melb, cases with unknown source are down, as is the 14 day rolling average. In regional Vic, 14 day average remains stable. dhhs.vic.gov.au/averages-easin… #COVIDVicData
  • These are the people who didn’t help you, Victoria. People who put Murdoch profits and politics ahead of Victorian lives and the health of all Australians. Remember their names and their faces. Shun them, block them, silence them. Gutter journalism, self serving politics #auspol
  • Palmer's QLD Election death tax lie is spread with the full endorsement of the LNP (which won't condemn it) and the Murdoch media (which profits by printing his ads). More cause for #MurdochRoyalCommission Join me on Facebook Live tonight to discuss more: fb.me/e/1HewQQKgI
  • NSW has reported two new cases of locally transmitted COVID-19 in the 24 hours to 8pm last night. Ten cases were also reported in overseas travellers in hotel quarantine, bringing the total number of cases in NSW to 4,209.
  • GOLDEN. OUT NOW. HStyles.lnk.to/Golden
  • @atrupar How to regret
  • The Murdoch media empire, which controls 70% of Australian daily print readership, is driven by hidden agendas & disinformation. It's aim? To project far-right ideology and narrow commercial interests. If you don't believe me, ask James. Sign the petition: aph.gov.au/petition_list?…
  • Update: I have been able to *confirm* that the tree in this picture - which is widely referred to as the Djab Wurrung Directions Tree - has been chopped down and removed. Story and more detail to come.
  • This Morrison Government is a dumpster fire of ministerial scandal – and now it’s Josh Frydenberg with questions to answer. #auspol
  • When you listen to this answer from Gladys Berejiklian in August 2018, consider this: she knew then about Daryl Maguire’s dodgy deals. She knew he was taking commissions from developers, and she knew he was in business with a Chinese developer.
  • Unbelievable. The Government has been subsidising Clive Palmer's private jets in the middle of a pandemic.
  • The sacrifices made by Victorians have kept every Australian safe. From a grateful nation, we say thank you. Here's the motion I just moved in Federal Parliament.
  • The reaction to my Integrity Commission Bill today has been overwhelming. The Australian people are clearly fed up with the delays and the excuses. It’s time for the Government to listen to the people and #BringOnDebate
  • Open up to save the economy they said