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Surprise! Our BFFs @BTS_twt are performing "Life Goes On" on tonight's #LateLateShow!

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Curious to see how the franking credit reform was so damaging to those advocating it (Labor) even though it impacted just 3% of the population, yet those wanting to cut the retirement savings of every worker over every year of their working life (Coalition) is not being crucified
The Premier had a scratchy throat so she had a COVID test, but instead of isolating until she received the results, she attended a number of meetings at parliament.

This is in direct conflict with @NSWHealth advice and shows an extraordinary lack of judgement.
I love Paul Keating
  • Surprise! Our BFFs @BTS_twt are performing "Life Goes On" on tonight's #LateLateShow! 12:37am | @CBS | #BTSxCorden 💜
  • "So the idea is this ... You can just keep 9.5%, you don't get 12%, but you have got to eat your own house by reverse mortgaging your house." – fmr prime minister Paul Keating on the prospect of the super guarantee remaining at 9.5%. #abc730 #auspol
  • “Two cups of coffee a week!” #PaulKeating says that is the payoff for an average wage-earner if next year’s planned superannuation rise to 10% is ditched. For an average worker in their 30s, he says, it will mean a $150k loss to retirement savings.
  • 아미 컴백 축하요?!🤣 #비홀딱맞은날
  • NSW Minister @stuartayresmp asked to explain on #QandA why Premier @GladysB didn’t self-isolate after getting a COVID test.
  • Oh hypocrisy, where art thou?
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  • SAY IT
  • And then there was this exchange between host Hamish MacDonald and @stuartayresmp. It raises more questions about the Premier’s actions. #qanda
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