7 day tweet volume :
The Milkshake video series
- Cost $3.7 million to make
- Took up over half the funding allocated to the Respect Matters campaign
- Was approved by Dan Tehan and Alan Tudge who have voted for religious policies like the religious discrimination bill & against same-sex marriage
The milkshake ad is what happens when you have a government that can’t talk about sex, and a powerful religious lobby that sets the parameters on sex education.
The audacity of Greg Hunt saying we are potentially going to open the MCG to 100,000 people this week because Australia followed scientific advice! It was Dan Andrews who followed the advice, despite being hammered by the federal govt and News Corp
  • 71% of Australians live in major cities (Census). So not only is PM trivialising people in urban and regional areas concerned about climate change, but to traditionally safe liberal seats in the cities, he is saying: you don’t really matter. 🤔 Good luck with that... #auspol
  • Got this unsolicited threat last week. To translate: we're gonna wipe you out unless you shut up ... and give us money too #auspol
  • This is the human cost of the confused and slow vaccine rollout. These are some of our most vulnerable Australians – and they're being left behind by Scott Morrison.
  • This is what my littlest granddaughter does. Always plays with my beads. They’re just like everyone’s grandchildren. No different. Not a threat. Just children.
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  • We talked about the #SuperLeague on the show tonight.
  • Earlier today I spoke with @aclennell - from Christmas Island - about my visit with the #hometobilo family, Nades, Priya and the girls - more on @SkyNewsAust this afternoon 👇
  • These beautiful photos of Labor's @KKeneally visiting the family of Nades & Priya and their Australian-born daughters Kopika & Tharunicaa, held in detention on Christmas Island by the Morrison Govt, make me both happy and sad. They deserve to be returned #HomeToBilo.😥 #auspol
  • Pretty happy with this: 👊💪