7 day tweet volume :
We don’t have enough vaccines in the country.

That’s why the rollout is so slow.

And the reason is pretty simple – the Morrison Government didn’t order enough.

They didn’t do enough deals. They didn’t do them early enough. And they didn’t order enough Pfizer.

So.. today.. in 2021.. a member of the Morrison Joyce Government shamed Australian women for using child care.

They reportedly labelled it “outsourcing parenting”.

It just beggars belief #auspol


The Senate has just blocked the government using the renewable energy agency to fund coal & gas!

The Greens motion just won 28-27.


Public money should go to schools, hospitals & renewables, not coal and gas.
Acting Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has said he has cleared his desk to make way for day to day affairs
  • All Coalition & ALP MPs just voted to increase emissions by fracking for gas in Beetaloo basin-using $50m of public $ & with no informed Native Title consent. 🙏 @helenhainesindi, @AdamBandt & @WilkieMP for joining me in trying to stop this awful project #auspoll #DontFrackTheNt
  • The Bulldozers are coming for these soon - MMG intends to turn this into a toxic waste dump - A monumental crime against the environment!!!! Photo by Peter Mead #politas
  • As usual @ellinghausen tells a story without the need for pesky words.
  • Green & Gold mindset. Period.
  • Australia's three most powerful politicians. Christ, what must the world think? #auspol
  • Before the last election @ScottMorrisonMP promised us an integrity commission. I don’t want to head into the next election without one, and neither do the Australian people. I stand beside these 59 signatories today to tell the PM time’s up. Integrity can’t wait any longer.
  • New Zealand has paused quarantine-free travel with New South Wales for at least 72 hours while the source of infection of new #COVID-19 cases in Sydney is investigated. #9News Travel bubble suspended: 9Soci.al/kc7S50FfHMK
  • Look I made a meme
  • The rollout is at 3%. Quarantine is still leaking. We are falling behind. But all this government can focus on is keeping their own jobs.
  • Same word, different reporting by @australian
  • 37 years later, Benita is still waiting for the cat...
  • Victorian Nationals MP Steph Ryan: “I've never made any secret of the fact that I think Barnaby Joyce's previous actions didn't really make him eligible for the top job”.
  • Arguably the most pertinent representation of the current state of Australian politics imaginable.
  • Here's what Mr Morrison's new deputy, Barnaby Joyce, thinks of South Australia getting the water it was promised under the Murray Darling Basin Plan.
  • @davidbewart
  • Tell me you’re the Melbourne press gallery without telling me you’re the Melbourne press gallery ⬛️⬛️⬛️