7 day tweet volume :
Christian Porter arguing the Prime Minister not responsible for what happens in the Department of Prime Minister. That could be the ultimate down grading of ministerial responsibility.
We like to knock the government, but they are giving $2 million to coronavirus research, which is almost one twelfth of what they gave Penrith Panthers to build a new carpark. 👍

Sports rorts: projects already built then getting funding! That’s not even a debate about eligibility verses merit. That is rolled gold corruption of taxpayers dollars...there is no other word for it. This issue MUST NOT go away until change follows. #auspol
Imagine what we could get done if Scott Morrison spent as much energy solving the big issues facing our country as he does rorting taxpayers’ money. smh.com.au/politics/feder…
  • this dog literally failed every single test thrown at him to become a service dog and i am scream laughing. but imho he’s still a very very good boy.
  • Scott Morrison has admitted that his office lobbied for sports grants on behalf of Liberal candidates to get them elected. See for yourself – straight from the ad man’s mouth.
  • North Sydney Pool gets $10m in federal funding as a "regional" sporting facility: abc.net.au/news/2020-02-2… A picture says a thousand words. #auspol
  • An innocent young man, who aspired to be a lawyer, was shot dead when he tried to stop a fight between two other people. Here is how 7 News decided to frame his murder: by the fact he was related to a dead IS fighter.
  • Why is it that we still ask ‘why didn't she leave?’ when the real question should be ‘where would she go?’
  • So, the North Sydney Mayor tells #abc730 the North Sydney pool was entitled to receive a $10 million grant from a regional sports grants program because people from regional areas use the pool when visiting Sydney. #auspol
  • I know this is a day old, from @CoralReefWatch, but why isn't this getting more interest in Australia? Pretty much the entire Great Barrier Reef is at risk of bleaching (probably by next month). #Auspol?
  • So... today I met my role model. What else can I say? @Malala
  • I don’t know how I thought suitcases were made but this wasn’t it
  • These are the endless pages of colour coded charts used to allocate the sports rorts grants by McKenzie’s office in consultation with the PMO. The black are redacted sections. Does anyone believe the redacted columns are anything other than partisan political notes...
  • Loving this new regional arts centre
  • Significant pause here between the end of @AlboMP question to Morrison, before Porter gets the hint Morrison wants him to block it. #QT
  • Remind me to never get on Dave Pope's bad side.