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  • 걱정 마 우린 이미 서로의 의지야
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  • [#오늘의방탄] 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong! 우리를 기다리고 있을 좋은 날들을 계속 함께해주세요! 약속 할 거라면 하나 둘 셋 💜 #대상탄소년단
  • 💜 Nice meeting u @bts_bighit @MnetMAMA #BTS #2018MAMA #Mnet
  • #BTS Wins Artist And Album Of The Year At #2018MAMA With 10 Awards In Total + Gives Tearful And Moving Speeches #ThankYouBTS soompi.com/article/127837…
  • [#2018MAMA in HONG KONG] Artist of the Year #BTS Congratulations! #MAMA #MAMA10 #LikeMAMA
  • If this Maulvi is still out I’ll make sure he is arrested today because I think this is happening in karahi
  • [#LIVE #2018MAMA] Congratulations! 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards | Grand Prize 🏆 Artist of the Year #BTS @BTS_twt ▶️ Watch Live at mama.mwave.me/en/on-air
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  • [#2018MAMA in HONG KONG] Thank you from #BTS Congrats! Let us introduce honorable winner of tonight #BTS #MAMA #MAMA10 #LikeMAMA
  • Jungkook’s fc post. @BTS_twt Angel 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 we don’t deserve....🤧😭😭😭
  • #ThankYouBTS we will love you forever @BTS_twt
  • #ThankYouBTS and Janet Jackson for this iconic photo. Legends among legends. 🙌
  • 161202 171201 181214 @BTS_twt #ThankYouBTS
  • [ مولانا طارق جمیل کا وزیر اعظم عمران خان کے حوالے سے خصوصی ویڈیو پیغام اورقوم سےاپیل۔ ] میری گزارش ہے تمام پاکستانیوں سے کہ ہم اس بندے کی پوری پوری مدد کریں،یہ ارادے کے پکے ہیں ، مجھے الله سے صرف امید ہی نہیں بلکہ 100% یقین ہے- ⁦⁩ ⁦#PrimeMinisterImranKhan⁩
  • "What a relief that there are seven of us. What a relief that we have each other." they love each other so much, the family group hug after every achievement. Some things really never change @BTS_twt
  • [#2018MAMA in HONG KONG] Mwave Global Choice #BTS Congratulations! #MAMA #MAMA10 #LikeMAMA
  • 🏆 I Seoul U Appreciation Plaque 🏆 MWAVE Global Choice 🏆 Best Asian Style 🏆 Best Music Video: IDOL 🏆 Artist Of The Year 🏆 Album Of The Year #BTSatMAMA Congratulations, @BTS_twt
  • [Full translation] BTS Artist of the Year Daesang speech at MAMA Hong Kong 181214
  • Jungkook’s fancafe post 181215 01.57
  • [#2018MAMA in HONG KONG] Thank you from #BTS Congrats! Let us introduce honorable winner of tonight #BTS #MAMA #MAMA10 #LikeMAMA
  • [#2018MAMA in HONG KONG] Album of the Year #BTS Congratulations! #MAMA #MAMA10 #LikeMAMA
  • Taehyung couldn’t stop crying and Jungkook hugged him, holding his head and gently patting his back :( i’m crying that was so sweet
  • When someone mentions the name 'Hoseok' or 'Jhope', we quickly think abt his laughs, his smiles, his cheerfulness, & seeing him bare out his true emotions to us tonight, how hes so glad he came back when he left during trainee days, i felt it, i feel every emotion on this video
  • راولپنڈی بار ایسوسیشن کا ممبر واصف عباسی خاتون کو گندی گالیاں دیتے ہوۓ اور پاؤں پڑ کر معافی مانگنے پر مجبور کرتے ہوۓ اس کے بارے کب ایکشن لیا جاۓ گا @fawadchaudhry
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