7 day tweet volume :
  • Thoughts ⁦@Greenpeace⁩ or ⁦@Tzeporah⁩ or ⁦@DavidSuzukiFDN⁩ or ⁦@leadnowca⁩ or ⁦@ElizabethMay⁩ @ecojustice_ca⁩ ??? Your focus on Canada as the culprit without regard to global challenges falls somewhere between treason & insanity. RT to agree 😎
  • I mic'd up my 4 year old at Timbits Hockey so I could finally understand what the heck he was doing out there. It was.... Interesting @TimHortons @NHL
  • UCP candidate Jackie Lovely describes to Jason Kenney the economic devastation in Saskatchewan in 1989. Kenney commiserates. Note: 1989 was during the 2nd term of Progressive Conservative Grant Devine. The Saskatchewan NDP didn’t take over until 1991. #awkward #ucpspeak #ableg
  • Great point from Premier @BlaineHiggs at last Saturday’s Pro-Resource rally in Moosomin: New Brunswick is stuck refining foreign crude oil, because they can't get Canadian energy. Let's open up some energy corridors so we can send New Brunswick Canadian oil! 🇨🇦
  • “Mufasa’s death is one of the most heart-wrenching movie scenes ever. There’s no way to make it any more sa-“
  • With 7 days remaining, #Calgary is in 1st place for coldest February since records began. #YycWx
  • “BREAKING NEWS” Tucson PD Investigating Suspicious White Powdery Substance. We now have some answers. Thank you for your patience. See video for details.
  • Today's beauty giveaway is this sleek blending brush from Clarins. (The brand has a new collection of quality brushes). To enter, follow @davelackie & @NinaWmakeup & RT
  • We’ve got good news. Do you want to hear the news? With yesterday’s win over Shenzhen, the Inferno have officially clinched first place in the CWHL!
  • Holy shit
  • Los soldados con quienes he hablado han respondido a su deseo de vida y futuro para sus hijos que el Usurpador no les garantiza. Soldado venezolano, el mensaje es claro: haz lo que te manda la Constitución. Habrá amnistía y garantías para quienes se pongan del lado del pueblo.
  • What a disgrace. A sitting UCP MLA thanking a climate denier for spouting their nonsense. #ableg
  • Attn all Albertans and non-Albertans: if you’ve never driven highway 93, a @UNESCO world heritage site that winds past 100 glaciers, add it to your must-do list. On a sunny day if possible.
  • i’m just gonna post this here lmfaooo