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WE Charity secretly lobbied the Trudeau government 65 times without registering.

Today they are retroactively disclosing after getting caught.
I have to agree with Johnny Gaudreau here. pic.twitter.com/Dv0QA4VwoH
I should get over it, I guess, but I'm still baffled on some level that @jkenney and @AdrianaLaGrange think it isn't worth spending public money to ensure the safety of thousands of children and teachers in a pandemic. It's just a total abdication of responsibility. And decency.
So to produce a curriculum "without bias", the UCP appointed an all-male group of advisers, including a former @jkenney staffer who published a piece doubting the harm caused by residential schools & the internment of Japanese Canadians.

Seriously. #ableg cbc.ca/news/canada/ed…
  • I have to agree with Johnny Gaudreau here.
  • Parents wishing to cancel the registration of their child in hub need to make the decision prior to Sept. 1, 2020. Parents need to email their child's school indicating they are moving their child from hub to face-to-face instruction. ow.ly/MOlk50AYQDd #yycbe #WeAreCBE
  • I’m waiting for @CBCNews and @CTVNews to do the extensive reporting on @LeslynLewis’s historic candidacy for #CPCLdr as they have done with Kamala Harris in the US. My guess is that if Lewis wasn’t a Conservative, there would have been much more coverage.
  • Bright white tornado near Alexander, Manitoba bit ago. #mbstorm @PrairieChasers @RadarOmega_WX
  • If you have access to copies of Alberta Report, here's a list to get you started (not exhaustive) I'm curious about this one: "Abuse Made Me Gay, Now I Have AIDS". All credited to Chris Champion, @AdrianaLaGrange's handpicked social studies curriculum adviser #ableg #abed
  • This is for all those Nenshi supporters in Calgary who want to use taxpayers’ money to promote the Black Lives Matter agenda. Here is what BLM is about. I believe most Calgarians aren’t this hateful. #yycpoli #nenshimustgo
  • Johnny Gaudreau is just like all of us #Flames
  • Tornado near Alexander, Manitoba earlier. #mbstorm @PrairieChasers @RadarOmega_WX
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