I sat through those hearings. Brett Kavanaugh lied to the U.S. Senate and most importantly to the American people. He was put on the Court through a sham process and his place on the Court is an insult to the pursuit of truth and justice.

He must be impeached.
Get your money, fall in love with a real one & go missing 🗣
Le moment ou jen ai pu rien a foutre, jen ai absolument pu rien a foutre.
Little kids really be tryna kill you when they get mad 🤣
When u feed up with ha bullshit 🤣🤣😴 pic.twitter.com/kqDLeAcMSR
  • Je suis la premiere personne a avoir l’iphone 11 pro au Senegal
  • My roommate got super stoned a couple weeks back and found out you can order a personalized big toblerone. He immediately forgot about it until it showed up last night
  • Un des plus beaux dessins animés au monde
  • If you turn the Chicago bulls logo upside down it’s a robot having sex with a crab
  • Le site Web de @Lactualite vient tout juste d'être piraté, plus de 3000 utilisateurs, passwords, noms, courriels, etc. leaké sur Pastebin! #infosec #canada #quebec #leak #breach #securite
  • As of winning the 1st Alola League Championship along with previous titles like Orange League Champ & Battle Frontier Conqueror my boy Ash Ketchum now joins Lebron James as a 3 time Champion, took em both nearly two decades ‼️
  • The Dance of a Thousand Hands. Absolutely incredible.
  • I made shrimp and salmon alfredo with mushrooms and spinach 🍴👏🏾
  • Justin Trudeau est profondément déconnecté du Québec francophone. Le voici qui rit en pleine face d’un monsieur qui lui demande de laisser la Loi 21 tranquille. #polcan  #polqc
  • Lors d’une œuvre de charité, Oliver Kahn participe à une séance de tirs au but contre des enfants. Chaque but inscrit par les enfants rapporte de l’argent pour un orphelinat. Kahn les a tous arrêté !
  • Meilleurs partisans au monde. Best fans in the world. #GoHabsGo
  • Ash Ketchum has been a part of millions of lives & while many stop watching the Pokémon anime Ash continued to be a role model trainer for new generations. He's lost every Pokémon League to teach children it's ok to lose & today he finally won. What a day to be a Pokémon fan :)
  • On October 21, Montrealers and all Canadians will have an important choice to make: Keep moving forward, or go back to the politics of the Harper years. I’m for choosing forward.
  • My heart 😭 This baby elephant thought he was drowning and rushed to save him ❤️ We really don't deserve them.
  • This is Tatum. He's a rescue dog and this is his first walk after being adopted. See how excited he is ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Rebienvenue au Centre Bell, tout le monde! 🤜🤛 Welcome back to the Bell Centre everybody! #GoHabsGo
  • I was today years old that i learned this is where sunflower seeds come from
  • Nous lançons notre campagne aujourd’hui. Nous vous présentons une belle et grande équipe composée de femmes et d’hommes remarquables. Le Québec, c’est nous. #elx43 #polcan #polqc