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As of 11am, the Mayor has declared a state of emergency. All businesses are ordered to close and all vehicles are ordered off the road except emergency vehicles. Please return home until the order is lifted. #nlwx #nltraffic
BREAKING | The @CityofStJohns has declared a state of emergency, all businesses are ordered to close and all vehicles are ordered off the road except emergency vehicles.

City asking people to go home and stay home until order lifted.


#nlwx #nltraffic
*Update* As the city has ordered all vehicles off the roads due to the calling of a "state of emergency" we are pulling all vehicles off the roads until the emergency is lifted. First time in our company history. #nltraffic #staysafe #nltraffic
The City of Mount Pearl has declared a state of emergency. All businesses are ordered to close immediately, and all vehicles are prohibited from using City streets, with the exception of emergency vehicles and City snow clearing vehicles until it has been lifted. Stay safe.
  • Everything you need to know about the storm today, as told by Lucy. #nlwx
  • I can’t believe this just happened #nlwx #snowmaggedon2020
  • Very heavy snow (shown in yellow) on the doorstep of St Johns-Metro and this will start the 12+ hours of blizzard conditions. Snowfall rates of 2-3 inches per hour (5-8 cm) during the blizzard conditions. Stay off the roads! #nlwx #nltraffic
  • #nlwx #nltraffic
  • St Johns Airport up to 37 cm of snow through 1:30 PM #nlwx #nltraffic
  • Heaviest snow on the way and will stay this way through the afternoon with the winds ramping up and blizzard conditions. If you haven’t hunkered down, now is the time to get off the roads and relax. PLEASE stay safe. #nlwx
  • 📢 We have white-out conditions already this morning as we face the forecasted winter weather event. We ask that motorists stay off the roads, everyone take measures to prepare for power outage, and ensure your neighbours and elders are checked on. #nlwx #Community #YourRNC
  • Advisory: Our equipment is still in operation and working to clear roads; however, we are asking all residents to stay inside. ⚠️ Do not venture on roads. ⚠️ Stay safe and avoid travel. #nlwx Snow plow tracker: ow.ly/DwJs50xXsAu
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  • Just going to put this CP24 headline here for the #nlwx crowd. cp24.com/news/toronto-b…
  • Today's storm has the potential to cause downed power lines. If you see a downed line stay back and call 911 right away. Always assume a power line dangling or on the ground is live. #nlwx #staysafe
  • Ben Peddle, of Brother's Heat Pumps (brothersheatpumps.ca), is advising customers to turn off their heat pumps today and rely on alternate sources of heat. The combination of snow and, more particularly, high winds, is of concern. #nlwx
  • Our flypast tribute today to The Honourable Mr. John Crosbie just prior to the start of his funeral service at the Anglican Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist. #johncrosbie
  • Tomorrow’s storm is also forecast to bring extremely high winds that may impact our electricity system. If you see a power line down it’s important to STAY AWAY. If you need us, call 1-800-474-5711. Our crews are on standby and ready to respond. #ThinkSafeLiveSafe #nlwx
  • As #snowmageddon2020 approaches, please take care of your fur family. Bring your pets indoors and make sure you’re stocked up on food for them, too! Dali and Edge will be on patrol for the next few days, please keep them and their human coworkers in your thoughts! #yourRNC
  • Remember to call us if you experience outages in your area today - this will ensure crews are dispatched as quickly as possible. #nlwx
  • It may be light snow now but the heavy snow is quickly approaching from the south and should cover the Avalon by mid-morning. Along with the heavier snow will be much higher winds so blizzard conditions develop before noon and continue through the afternoon #nlwx #nltraffic
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  • We're prepared to stay all night @NTVNewsNL
  • STORM UPDATE | Please note that NLC Head Office, Rock Spirits, Distribution Centre and Liquor Stores in St. John's, Mt. Pearl, Paradise and CBS are CLOSED for the day. Stay tuned for updates on other locations throughout the day.
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