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  • The Native American elder who was taunted, Nathan Philips of the Omaha Nation, talks about what happened through tears. He is a Vietnam vet. Hurting each other like this does not make America great.
  • THIS IS HOW WE DO IT! #CGYvsEDM | #Flames
  • Nathan Philips of the Omaha Nation speaking on what happened from @/ka_ya11 IG.
  • 60 year challenge
  • His name is Nathan Phillips. A Vietnam veteran. Here he speaks about the incident. “I wish I could see that energy, of that mass of young men, making this country really, really, great... Helping those that are hungry.” Video Via @LeMeTellUSumtin
  • Thank you to @VinceSchilling of @IndianCountry and many others who identified the proud Native man who is being harassed. He is Mr. Nathan Phillips. I’m reposting this video from “ka_ya11” on IG. This man’s words pierce my heart. The grace. The wisdom. The hope.
  • Missing: Jean Oakley, 61 -last seen on Sat, Jan 19, 4pm, Eglinton Ave E/ Mt. Pleasant Rd -wearing a grey coat with white and purple running shoes anyone with info, pls call 4168085300 #GO119450 @tps53div ^ka
  • Where was the media covering these students harassing this 71 year old vet during the Kavanaugh hearings? 🤔
  • Todays charcoal/pencil drawing I was working on an important painting today, I stopped so I can draw this I'm disgusted with the racist behavior & ignorance by the students who harassed indigenous Omaha Nation elder & Vietnam Vet Nathan Phillips at the #IndigenousPeoplesMarch
  • This story has me screaming honestly
  • White people being doing this but get scared when you speak another language
  • Family is priceless. ❤
  • NEVER DOUBT @mannypacquiao! DOMINANT. 💯 🇵🇭
  • More Media Lies There was no #MAGA mob hounding a Native American Mult Native Americans instigated an incident walking into a peaceful group of kids & taunting one chanting & drumming inches fm his face No one said "Build the Wall" & if anything That kid deserves a peace medal
  • 100% recommend my mums plumber 😩😂
  • The Native American who apparently was being mocked by teens wearing MAGA hats in a viral video says he has "fear for those youth, fear for their future, fear for their souls, their spirit, what they're going to do to this country."
  • Anyway it was way off base for a tv commercial to suggest that some boys need to behave better
  • Response from Cov Cath student who says he was present at the event in question in Washington. @Local12
  • Trump cites San Antonio as an example of a city where a border wall has worked. It’s located 150 miles north of Mexico and there is no wall.
  • a little taste while you wait
  • Congratulations to the MAGA parents and teachers of #CovingtonCatholic for grooming a compassionless batch of entitled racists for history's Hall of Shame. You will be remembered. Forever.
  • Two @NHL referees, Graham Skilliter and Garret Rank, watched this whole sequence and didn’t see a penalty. On a night they called 18 minors.