7 day tweet volume :
Trump: Biden will "listen to the scientists" if elected hill.cm/xwlqyPg pic.twitter.com/lq8WqGvFCR
Update on our border: We’ve extended the measures in place at the Canada-US border by another 30 days. Non-essential travel remains restricted until at least November 21st.
Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Vote out Donald Trump.
15 days. Let’s finish strong.
  • How to Don jr
  • We need Vancouver police to reactivate search for my son Jordan asap with thermal imaging helicopters, dogs, drones in Frosty Mtn hiking trail - we have new clues, his white cap, Oakley glasses, found few km from Frosty peak - please share, contact police at 604 717-3939 any info
  • THREAT INVESTIGATION: - Police want to identify this man after online threats were made to an unidentified Toronto school. If you recognize him, please contact police. Read our news release torontopolice.on.ca/newsreleases/4… ^lb
  • After 3,750+ Professional and Olympic hockey games, 100 different verbs used to describe a pass or shot, and 22 Stanley Cup Finals, the legendary Mike "Doc" Emrick has announced his retirement from broadcasting. From hockey fans around the world, we say #ThankYouDoc!
  • Take Responsibility!!!! #EndSARS
  • Soooo... that’s me. THE FIRST HIJABI ON PLT!!! Still so wild to me 😩😩🔥🔥🔥💕💕
  • #BTS #방탄소년단 #BTS_BE Concept Photo
  • WATCH: Minister of Long-Term Care @DrFullertonMPP refuses to take a question from reporter @jessiecatherine and walks out of news conference. Recent story qpbriefing.com/2020/10/08/the… by this reporter focused on Fullerton comparing #COVID19 deaths to a bad flu year. #COVID19ontario
  • Nova Scotia RCMP decline to use their totally-not-a-tank on white fishers, insist it's only for 'special occasions'
  • Oh, this wasn't a donation - this was a penalty. The government missed delivering the budget on time, because of COVID-19, and under the laws passed by the Ford government -- the premier and finance minister had to pay 10% of their ministerial salary. #onpoli twitter.com/ColinDMello/st…
  • Toronto Sun using $600 million media bailout to write lazy articles: Sources #CERB
  • End the Cover-Up. #WEscandal
  • I usually take pictures of the ocean, this year I had to create my own
  • Cartoon for @TorontoStar #HerdImmunity #HerdMentality #HerdImmunityIsMassMurder #Herd #TrumpCovid19 #cdnpoli
  • Dude looks like he just reached the final boss of a decolonization rpg.
  • I barely talk to anyone anymore, I be in my own lil world fr
  • #Cyberpunk2077 is exactly 1 month away! 🔥
  • why long/short vowels matter in Kalaallisut, my Indigenous language. nalliunneq - birthday naalliunneq - suffering
  • Said sum remix video is out now go watch it!!!!
  • happy 13th birthday to none pizza with left beef
  • Lincoln Project presents: @ddlovato’s “Commander in Chief”