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  • It’s coming! #Indigo
  • RM of @BTS_twt's solo album, "Indigo", is out now! #IndigoByRM open.spotify.com/album/08HCdXZV…
  • The official MV to RM's "Wild Flower" is out now on YouTube! youtu.be/u18be_kRmC0
  • the scream i let out.. #WildFlower𓆸 #IndigoByRM
  • 221202 Hobi on IG 🐿️@/rkive 🐿️the album of my friend who I like most (my favorite friend’s album) is out 💙
  • @nocontextfooty
  • [#오늘의방탄] RM at the Tiny Desk 🎤 김남준 라이브천재 아닐리가 없다..! 💙💜 #오늘의알엠 #BTS #방탄소년단 #RM #Indigo #RMatNPRTinyDesk #TinyDesk #하루종일남주니로물들이기 #알쓸인잡도기다려기다려
  • “This is Rkive of RM. Indigo 💜.” Stream This Is RM & Indigo on Spotify: open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9d…
  • 🚨 #IndigoByRM Audios is now available on Youtube! youtube.com/playlist?list=…
  • [#Weverse_LIVE] RM 'Indigo' LIVE RM of BTS Solo Album 'Indigo' 발매 기념 라이브가 진행됩니다. 잠시 후 5시 (KST), #위버스라이브 로 만나보세요. 👉 weverse.onelink.me/qt3S/q9a938lp #RM #Indigo
  • — MelOn | Exclusivas fotos de #RM por el lanzamiento de su primer álbum en solitario 'Indigo' INDIGO BY RM OUT NOW #IndigoByRM #WildFlower
  • 📊| Spotify — This is RM “This is Rkive of RM. Indigo 💜.” open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9d…
  • '들꽃놀이 (with 조유진)' #WildFlower𓆸
  • j-hope Instagram Story 🙏🙏🙏 @RollingStone
  • light a flower, flowerwork 🌾💙
  • — Hilo con todos los enlaces oficiales para hacer stream a “INDIGO” el álbum en solitario de Kim Namjoon! #IndigoByRM #WildFlower #Indigo #RM
  • #RM has poured his thoughts and feelings into his new solo album #Indigo, and you can now stream his music on #ThisIsRM 💜 spotify.link/ThisIsRM @bts_bighit #SpotifyxRM
  • .@BTS_twt RM's first official solo album "Indigo" is finally out! 🎉RM says he put his sincere thoughts, feelings, and traces of his life into this album. He wrote and composed all the tracks in the album led by "Wild Flower Play."❤‍🔥#RM #IndigoByRM
  • #Indigo from #RM on repeat. What's your favorite track? 💙 @bts_bighit apple.co/Indigo
  • @nocontextfooty
  • 221202 Namjoon on IG 🐨Out Now !!
  • 221202 Hobi on IG 🐿️🙏🙏🙏 @/rollingstone
  • Spotify has once again corrected the list of "Top K-Pop Artists of 2022"
  • Jungkook ranks as the #1 Most Streamed K-Pop Soloist of 2022.
  • 🚨 RM #Wildflower MV is OUT NOW on Youtube! (youtu.be/u18be_kRmC0)
  • #JungKook was the most streamed K-Pop soloist on Spotify globally in 2022. [OFFICIAL]
  • .@BTS_twt Monthly Listeners on Spotify: (11/30) → 41,259,691(+242,605) 🔥 Peak: 45,810,287
  • One time for the present Two times for the past
  • Jamas olviden como esa gente se volvio la burla mas grande del 2022. Guardenlo.
  • Okay Jeremy, now explain why these “mistakes” are only happening to bt5 on your platform?
  • My friend sent me this photo and it says on the window: Doors open at 17:00 Show starts at 18:00 Show ends at 20:00 ... is Prologue a 2-hour show now...??
  • Hebridean sheep are so majestic
  • 🎷FNS TIME EVENT 🕑Chinese Time Event 1 [1:45 pm kst - 2:45 pm kst] ▪️Can collect in app only! ▪️Collect 50 stars ▪️Complete your Daily Mission Claim it✨
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