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There is no wayyyy @tylerthecreator just said that😂😂😂🤭 I love this guy #BritAwards #Brits2020 pic.twitter.com/thYm78urkU
I can’t read French at all but they cooking the shit out this nigga in the replies 😭😭
wow can’t believe he knows i exist
Drake talks about wanting a future collab with @LilNasX pic.twitter.com/ieVzfEW8u6
Respeito e admiração total! É disso que o mundo precisa! BRNO13 pic.twitter.com/IRlZTLlhvh
  • There is no wayyyy @tylerthecreator just said that😂😂😂🤭 I love this guy #BritAwards #Brits2020
  • Respeito e admiração total! É disso que o mundo precisa! BRNO13
  • ⚠ EXPLICIT LANGUAGE ⚠ @Santandave1 @stormzy & @LewisCapaldi causing absolute HAVOC - and we're here for it 👬 #BRITs #BRITs2020
  • Aa rahe hain hum April mein to b up close n personal with u all ... see u all soon @SohailKhan @theJAEvents @beingbhav @sahilpromotions @ShahDaisy25 @imKamaalKhan @WhoSunilGrover
  • Quando o amor é mais forte do que o medo ❤ Chama-se Abdullah e inventou um jogo para que a filha, de apenas 3 anos, não tenha medo: cada vez que cai uma bomba perto da casa deles, na Síria, têm de rir-se à gargalhada. 🎥 Mehmet Algan/Twitter
  • Liverpool's front 3 tonight
  • Short story 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🐐
  • Please welcome to our slightly chilly red carpet @burnaboy 🙌 #BRITs
  • That censored World Bank paper is now online: "aid disbursements to highly aid dependent countries coincide with sharp increases in bank deposits in offshore financial centers known for bank secrecy and private wealth management" nielsjohannesen.net/wp-content/upl… by @jorgenja et al
  • A THREAD ON BRITISH HISTORY AND HOW POPULAR PHRASES WERE CREATED✍🏻 Urine was used to tan animal skins, so families used to wee in a pot, and then once a day it was taken and sold to the tannery If you had to do this to survive, you were: “Piss poor”
  • — ¿ETA o ISIS? — ETA, que por lo menos son de aquí.
  • “don’t be rude daniel”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Brb crying how wholesome🥺🥺
  • La pareja del año. #LaResistencia
  • [GIVEAWAY] To thank you all for loving and accepting me, here’s my biggest giveaway yet, an Australium Force a nature signed by me (with a name + desc tag) To enter, simply FOLLOW and RT the post The giveaway will end next Monday, so get going lads, thank you all
  • Lewis called Paige out 😂😂😂 #LoveIsland
  • W 2015 roku, kiedy rządziła @Platforma_org, na służbę zdrowia wydawano 71 mld złotych. Dzisiaj jest to ponad 100 mld złotych 🇵🇱 Jestem wstrząśnięty wykorzystywaniem ludzi chorych w propagandzie partyjnej, w propagandzie politycznej Pani @M_K_Blonska i @KObywatelska ‼️
  • Make sure you’re watching the #MyArms video closely!! 👀 There might be something hidden in the video to unlock a special landing page 💙 (proud of all the warriors that found it already!) Watch: youtu.be/wZbBig1FH5Q
  • Państwo doktorstwo...
  • happy birthday 35th eastenders thanks for bringing harry reid into ur show
  • Man sunbathing at his front door is arrested for not wearing mask. #WuhanCoronovirus
  • It’s a bliss; not to expect anything from anyone except Allah. It makes you strong, so free…and unstoppable. Peace xxx #BBCManchester #Pakistani #BBCAsianNetwork #BBC
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