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Would be worse turning up holding a sun newspaper i guess 😂
James Maddison arrives for Spurs clash wearing ‘horrific’ £6500 backpack thesun.co.uk/sport/football…
What would we do without dogs 🤣 pic.twitter.com/sLCnKTXMxA
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When the tories privatized Royal Mail they gave investment bankers Lazard £1.5m of our money to advise on the flotation share price. After advising a price of 330p they immediately bought 6m shares themselves and sold the lot 48 hours later for a profit of £8.4m
Just received notification from the Mail on Sunday that, in a week in which I have received death threats, they are tomorrow going to publish my private address.
  • What would we do without dogs 🤣
  • Sir I salute you👏👏👏👏👏
  • M A T C H D A Y 💥
  • ⚽ WHAT A GOAL! 🇵🇹 Miguel Veloso gives Verona the lead over Juventus with a wonder goal after an unbelievable sequence for the away team!
  • She’s 16, doesn’t conform to the usual 16 year old girl look, she isn’t pouting & photoshopping her thigh gap. She is unashamedly unapologetic about wearing no make up and sporting plaits & sturdy shoes and that she openly argues with world debaters THIS is what bothers many men
  • Never steal from an Indonesian woman 😂
  • 🔙 Previously at Easter Road...🎯
  • Justine, Louise and Dolly when Tracy Beaker’s mum doesn’t turn up again
  • Maverick goalkeeping from Egypt
  • Our first estimates suggest that over 40,000 people in the whole of Scotland went on strike for the #GlobalClimateStrike. Which means that approximately, 1 in every 125 Scots striked on Friday. Now, that's pretty cool! @GretaThunberg @Fridays4future
  • ah yes the three genders;
  • Man goes biking, flips his bike, hits his head, gets knocked out and doesn't regain consciousness until sometime during the ambulance ride. Apple Watch detects the fall, autodials 911 with his location and EMS has him picked up and in the hospital in <30 minutes. Incredible.
  • My buddy's dog just sup'd me.
  • Tinpot
  • Yup. I'm going to spend the next two years of my life paying to work full time
  • It's Time! For us to shout about the wealth of resources we have in #Scotland Our first campaign will launch on pub screens in Monday 30th September Please donate to our Crowdfunder to get the message out loud & clear #BigEnoughRichEnoughSmartEnough gogetfunding.com/lets-show-scot…
  • It's the Edinburgh derby on Sunday - should be a good atmosphere! 🎥 @HFCTalk
  • Honk recognise honk #UntitledGooseGame @house_house_
  • Best way tae beat bigots, is tae laugh at them, and show them up for the sad wee fuds the are. Well done this man 👏👏👏😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • わいも男なんで流行ってるんでバッドマンバンドルプレゼント企画やりましょか! フォロー&リツイートするだけ! 配布方法は当選者とDMで決めるますわ! 2万人居るYouTuberなんで嘘はありまへん! ほないただきます😇 #Fortnite #ギフト企画 #バッドマンコラボ
  • Oblique Strategy of the Day... #BrianEno #PeterSchmidt
  • Just before I moved to Edinburgh I had a op on booth breast 9wks, Tuesday I’m undergoing massive surgery to have a radical hysterectomy. Today I’m putting all that aside to run the @ScottishHalfMar for @bighearts if you can support me justgiving.com/fundraising/re…
  • Be careful today guys we have a maniac out on the streets today.
  • Here's your Sun 22 #Fast9 @edinburgh filming update. Today's closures: 👉 5am-noon: Mound 👉 6am to 10pm: St Vincent Street No other closures for filming.