7 day tweet volume :
  • Harry’s just shut down Emily on good morning Britain 🤣🤣🤣🤣#ImACeleb
  • Please RT Fuken scum bag as a man drop kicks homeless mans tent who also had his dog init. How does that make you tough doing that to someone who sleeps on the streets. For me this is the biggest kind of coward.
  • TikTok — not as cursed as we originally thought
  • Three world class defence-splitting passes from the last few weeks. All from defenders.
  • Need help with this one... Im convinced my wee man's first word was 'Celtic'. Thoughts?
  • Gosh @joannaccherry you are SO good! Well done! 🤓 #meaningfulvote #Article50 #BrexitShambles
  • 📽️ @KirstySNP telling Theresa May some home truths about the utter incompetence of this Tory government and the contempt shown to Scotland throughout the whole #Brexit process.
  • Police are on the hunt for a man who drop-kicked a tent containing two homeless people while his friends filmed it on a phone
  • In response to my Qs re #ScottishCase #Brexit Secretary wrongly claimed Commission took same position on #Art50 revocation as UK Govt at #CJEU. This is not true. See judgment below. He’s refused to correct the record. Govt now routinely misleading the House
  • I still can’t get over Miguel's cover of SZA’s “The Weekend”. Miguel remains one of the best R&B artists of our time.
  • 🎥🎄The Bhoys put smiles on the faces of the kids at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow today as @FoundationCFC donated £10,000 to @GCH_Charity. 😃🎁 #DreamsComeTrue
  • So long, gay boy!
  • Brexit has shown how unequal the Union of the UK is. The PM and her government have no respect for Scotland. Her #Brexit deal has failed and her government is failing. She must put the deal to the people. #PeoplesVote
  • when your mom woke you up at 6:45 but its 7:10 & you hear her footsteps coming to the door
  • We now go live to the Pound
  • First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has called for a motion of no confidence in the UK government after the Commons vote on #Brexit was delayed. bbc.in/2Qm8Viv
  • Here’s me raging on behalf of my Livingston constituents, Scotland and anyone in the UK who thinks this is a complete Clusterburach (complete shambles). I am beyond angry 😡 WE DESERVE BETTER. #BrexitDebate #BrexitChaos
  • Tomorrow's front page: Cowardice. Shambolic. Disaster. Pathetic. Failure. Shameful. Incompetent. Clusterbourach. Westminster is left in absolute chaos after humiliated May backs out of Brexit vote
  • Andy Serkis resurrects Lord of the Rings' Gollum character to shred Theresa May in a spoof video
  • Barking Barry does the eulogy
  • This is how angry I am..... shaking with rage after an utterly rubbish response from the PM 😡 Also because she is putting her self preservation and narrow party unity before the lives and livliehoods of my Livingston Constituents. #ragin #BrexitBourach #BrexitVote
  • Tom Rogic - Celtic FC, a thread 🇦🇺 💚
  • the receptionist to me when i go to book an appointment at the doctors
  • when your friend says they called the Uber and you have 4 min to get the drunkest you’ve ever been
  • Police are on the hunt for this man who drop-kicked a tent with two homeless people instead hile his friends filmed it on a phone Sadly these violent attacks against homeless people are becoming more common