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Coming up: the most extraordinary thread I’ve ever written. On how we blew over £150m and Andrew Mills (a Government adviser) seems to have made a fortune.

But let’s start with introductions. THREAD /1
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The new *daily* allowance for peers in the House of Lords is £323. The *monthly* allowance for a single person under 25 on Universal Credit is £342.72.
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  • Blimey, he's setting off early this year.
  • Happy Independence Day Jamaica 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 📍 Yallas, St Thomas ♥️
  • What is white privilege? We asked @JohnAmaechi, psychologist, best-selling author and former NBA basketball player to explain it for us. 👉 bbc.in/3gyhMGH
  • Suppose it’d be rude not to follow back 😉 @premierleague #WeAreBack
  • This is brilliant. 👏🏻 Dry Your Eyes Mate - Ft Scott Parker
  • Dry your eyes Scott 😂
  • i don't know that it's immediately obvious to people in the west just how widespread the damage from yesterday was, so i've illustrated the same situation as though it took place in the city of london or manhattan
  • Now the streets of both Leeds and Rosario are decorated with murals of Marcelo Bielsa.
  • Hey twitter! Not one to do this, but my dad owns the oldest Indian restaurant in East London and has been struggling with customers so please show some love! If you're in Aldgate come have a curry, I'm biased but it's the best! Below is my grandad in the 70s vs my dad now❤️
  • Never forget.
  • 📰Large Scale Recruitment Planned For COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Across Leeds, Harrogate and York @LeedsHospitals has launched a city-wide multidisciplinary #COVID19Vaccine Trial Delivery Team with the aim to recruit up to 250 people a day. Read more ⬇️ leedsth.nhs.uk/research/news-…
  • The weird kid when the ball comes his way at lunch:
  • Things aren't looking great in a food store at the moment! The essential work we do relies on food donations. We recognise this is a tough time for everybody so if you're not in a position to donate then please spread the word. #leeds #refugeeswelcome #Solidarity
  • 6 August 1934 | Czech Jewish boy Petr König was born in Prague. He was deported to #Auschwitz from #Theresienstadt Ghetto on 6 October 1944. After the selection he was murdered in a gas chamber.
  • Ok, here goes. Taylor Swift as classic physics textbooks, a thread. #ITeachPhysics
  • 5:00am this morning at Manchester airport. What we saying @TheSquareBall @PhilHay_ is this Victor Orta?! #mot #lufc
  • So guys, my brother recently turned a van into a mobile barbershop and I would really appreciate it if you could share it for him🤍based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Willing to travel if necessary. @barberskar_ on Instagram and you can also contact him on 07858177775💈