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Would be worse turning up holding a sun newspaper i guess 😂
James Maddison arrives for Spurs clash wearing ‘horrific’ £6500 backpack thesun.co.uk/sport/football…

Focus 🔛 the @premierleague. Ready to go again! 👊

#ThisMeansMore #CHELIV pic.twitter.com/WOef16J5uO
who is this woman we have to stan. pic.twitter.com/Wh5pTpCdHL
What would we do without dogs 🤣 pic.twitter.com/sLCnKTXMxA
  • 🔵🔵 MATCHDAY 🔴🔴 Focus 🔛 the @premierleague. Ready to go again! 👊 #ThisMeansMore #CHELIV
  • who is this woman we have to stan.
  • What would we do without dogs 🤣
  • Ini sore bukan malam. Ini bumi bukan planet mars. Ini jambi bukan di luar angkasa. Ini kami yang bernafas dengan paru-paru, bukannya dengan insang. Kami ini manusia butuh udara yang bersih, bukan penuh asap. Lokasi : Kumpeh, Muaro Jambi #KabutAsap #KebakaranHutanMakinMenggila
  • It's happened again 'asn't it?
  • “Just like Sheffield, your city is red” sing Sheffield United fans at Everton today... 🤣
  • Maverick goalkeeping from Egypt
  • Leaked videos of Everton players training before the Sheffield Utd game.
  • Yes ‘keeper... FUCKING HELL. YES ‘KEEPER.
  • Just like Sheffield, your city is red!!! #twitterblades
  • Justine, Louise and Dolly when Tracy Beaker’s mum doesn’t turn up again
  • Wow!!! 💥 Listen to this NHS Doctor • 200,000 nurses vacancies • Bursaries cut • £27,000 fees imposed!! • working for free!!! Boris Johnson new policy offers Nurses £1 a day.. £1 a DAY!!! It’s a Joke but not funny “No Tory MP has any business going to an NHS hospital”
  • No idea what’s going on here but Football Dog is my new favourite thing
  • Shocking leaked footage has emerged from inside Xinjiang province China where upto 600 people (most likely Uyghur Muslims) are blindfolded, shackled, and heads shaved, being led to concentration camps. History is repeating itself and the world is silent. RT and raise awareness!
  • Last time we faced @ChelseaFC in the league, @MoSalah did this... 😱
  • Probably the best logical debate to have ever been aired on television.
  • Sean Bean “Bastard” compilation. Hilarious 😂
  • Evernton are so bad they even beat themselves!! 'God love me I'd nearly have Allardyce back!'
  • My man afroman the blue
  • Everton are the media darlings of the Premier League, what other club would get away with spending nearly £700mil on players and being 14th in the table and so absolutely shite. Anyone else would be getting ripped to pieces by media but they get away with it. Media loves them
  • What if we use 100% of our brain?
  • No one: Not one single soul in the universe: @FCBayernUS :
  • @nocontextfooty
  • Trumps approval rating at 52% for good reason. He is building the wall. 30 foot high. 6 foot underground. “We aren’t saying stay out. We are asking people to use the front door” Glorious.
  • Kotak hati
  • Sheffield United fans singing "Just like Sheffield, your city is Red" to Everton fans. 😂
  • Kenapa dkt Malaysia xda mcm ni!!!! 😫😫😫
  • Remember when everton won the transfer window. Never gets old. 😂🤣 #EFC
  • Looks like when someone’s daughter gets kidnapped an the dad gives an interview but the whole world knows it was him
  • Scenes in finch farm next week.
  • We have £436 million less to spend now than we did in 2010 as a result of Government #austerity. A number of grants which were being used to improve #education, #housing and prevent #homelessness were also cut. #budget2020 #localgov #Liverpool
  • What really happened
  • Haters gonna say it’s fake (watch till the end)
  • Everton are still the highest spending club in WORLD football without a trophy. £954m spent since 1995.
  • There’s a load of people at @CroxtethHall wearing their @Matalan @AlderHeyCharity jarmies attempting a Guinness World Record this morning! Who’s here? 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃‍♂️💙Kate