Might like your pic but I won’t even like it pic.twitter.com/QrL7L6vDQ6
Can’t have a weak mind in this world
“I want a bad boy to keep me on my toes”
전 핑크가 요즘 제 눈에 오던데요~ pic.twitter.com/AeT4T66fvM
  • Might like your pic but I won’t even like it
  • 전 핑크가 요즘 제 눈에 오던데요~
  • Cadet Daily Duppy Sunday 7pm ❤️💫😇
  • me altering all my outfits so they fit my hoe agenda
  • 감사해여 아미!!!
  • I had the pleasure of sitting down with Tania, a young Jewish Labour member, to discuss the meaning of Passover. I wish Jewish communities in Britain and across the world Chag Sameach. #Passover #Pesach
  • Deeply sad about Notre Dame, but shocked at the hypocrisy of humanity. We destroy over 150 acres of rainforest every minute and do not give it a second thought, yet fall into mourning at the loss of a building.
  • The best Donald Trump impression that you will ever see.
  • Blaine’s energy will be forever with us through the love and passion he put in his music. His legacy of hard work, creativity and talent is immortalised in every song. To keep his spirit alive we will continue his dream🙏❤ DAILY DUPPY DROPS SUNDAY 7PM PS. Forever #BUFF
  • me: “a nose piercing would be kinda cute” my mum:
  • Big Narstie getting told off by his mum😂😂Mo is tooo funny🤣🤣🤣
  • pornhub rlly out here savin the bees one wank at a time
  • On this dark morning, at least let us enjoy Gerry Adams replying to himself but forgetting to swap accounts
  • “I’m going to call you” Me:
  • A journalist has been killed covering riots in Derry. Her name was Lyra McKee. She was 29. She recently signed a two-book deal with Faber, who called her a "rising star of investigative journalism". This is her last tweet, sent from the scene of the unrest.
  • Not Waving, But Drowning is out now. A very lucky man to have worked with so many talented musicians and creators on this, and even luckier to call them my friends. Hope you like it as much as my Mum does. “I was much further out than you thought. And not waving, but drowning”
  • Me: Are my waves poppin ? Mum:
  • Forgot Messi Vs Ronaldo for a min. This is the real debate. RT for Kinder Bueno White or LIKE for Kinder Bueno Milk Chocolate
  • Muhammed Ali...🥴🥴🥴
  • David Luiz congratulating himself after the final whistle.
  • THEY’VE DONE IT! 💜💜💜 @BTS_twt are the first Korean Act EVER to have the @officialcharts UK Number 1 album with MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA
  • tiktok is,,,, good
  • when you send laughing emojis to dead the convo and you see them typing again
  • The scene in Oxford Circus. Police here in huge numbers. We were trying to hold an event on climate justice and the need for kindness and equity at the heart of climate policy. “People have the power.” #InternationalRebellion
  • Jamaicans judging everyone not eating fish today
  • E N O U G H ⛔️