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My younger sister who we left in a boarding school in Lagos... 🥴 pic.twitter.com/t1Ada6EQCQ
You did something amazing for us yesterday + boosted my follower count to 140k😮. We’re doctors taking the government to court next week about dodgy PPE, and I need to be able to update as many people as fast as possible about what’s happening🚨

Could we hit 150k today?!🤞
Deliberately provocative attacks on the Al-Aqsa mosque and the ongoing home invasions #SheikhJarrah have led to horrendous violence in Jerusalem. As the occupying power, the Israeli government has it in its gift to rectify the current situation and not exacerbate it. #Palestine
At the 2019 General Election, out of 47,587,254 people voting, there was only 1 conviction of voter fraud (+0 cautions).

That represents 0.0000021014% of votes.
  • My younger sister who we left in a boarding school in Lagos... 🥴
  • This is actually insane.
  • Buying a four bedroom house in London during a Pandemic has been an extreme sport... But we did it ❤️ Glory be to God!
  • ❤️💛 | 56 stars shine brighter than the rest today. 🙏 | May those tragically lost - on this day 36 years ago - be forever remembered. #BCAFC
  • מזעזע
  • Stop TikTok-ing. The peak has been reached.
  • “People were going on the holiest night of Ramadan, Laylat al-Qadr, to pray… look at the hundreds who have been injured.” Head of Palestinian Mission to the UK @hzomlot talks to #Newsnight about the spiralling violence which has triggered airstrikes and rocket attacks
  • #prayforpalestine 🇵🇸🤲
  • This will always remain relevant.
  • @AnnieDreaXO
  • It’s Mental Health Awareness Week, so I thought I’d post this.
  • WOW The @IEA just published a new forecast for renewable growth It is… * 25% higher than Nov20 forecast * 40% above May 2020 The IEA says it's "exceptional" – but also the "new normal" It means renewables will account for 90% of *all* new capacity carbonbrief.org/exceptional-ne…
  • The New York Post literally reversing the Israeli and Palestinian death toll is pretty on par for how the US press covers the occupation
  • “have you tried mindfulness”
  • Rather enjoying this graph in the Mirror demonstrating the scale of the problem with voter fraud which ID requirements are intended to address mirror.co.uk/news/politics/…
  • 😬😬😬 anyway #SaveSheikhJarrah
  • 🤲🏼🇵🇸 #Palestine #SaveSheikhJarrah
  • Great to see my film exposing Boris Johnson’s relentless lying in Parliament, now approaching 17 million views, being discussed on @GMB this morning! Still silence from @BBCBreakfast who would rather discuss bird watching