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The U.K genuinely hates working class students. Look at how much it costs to resit an exam?!
The worker did what she had to do. I support. I’m tired of these people trying to make “funny content” at the expense of fast food workers like they don’t already have to deal with other rude entitled customers throughout the day. This shit is definitely not funny 😤
then don’t be fucken stupid and just grab the icecream??? pic.twitter.com/sLfkqgzaFy
The plan is three sons, for every son you start with project Mbappe, if he isn’t in an academy by age 9 we transfer to project Brampton manor, if he isn’t able to get 7s in GCSE papers by age 14 we then move onto Project KSI and he will be a full time youtuber
Can my son really handle “project brampton manor” AND “project mbappe” at the same time 🤔 pic.twitter.com/PFdroAiJsl
At some point he'll aid in saving someone's life who would like to see him drown in the channel
Refugee who found safety in Wales aces A levels and wins Cambridge medical spot
walesonline.co.uk/news/education… pic.twitter.com/xBC2rYFiAF
  • Brb screamingggg Kylie Jenner in Farai London on her birthday vacation | @FaraiLondon
  • Congratulations to @pritipatel on her new clothing range: Priti Little Thing! High fashion for those low on compassion. 🤩👟👕🧢👚
  • Still the funniest video I’ve ever watched 😭😭😭🤣
  • Me explaining to my son why he has to do 3 am revision to make it into Brampton Manor
  • R is our school's top English student. She got 9 at GCSE. She got A at AS. She is studious, precise, deeply thoughtful. She has just had her A Level grade reduced from A* to C, apparently just because she goes to a disadvantaged school. It might help if you liked her poem.
  • Are you guys taken the piss? BOOHOO. Am I bugging or is this not our WMNS logo? Why do you guys enjoy stealing from smaller brands? With all the capital you have, still this is what you resort to. When will big fast fashion brands stop eating off black creatives?
  • Really cool accomplishment for me! @fentybeauty hired me to take product shots of their latest launch :) you guys know I love my Fenty ❤️
  • Earlier I i/ved Mithushan He'd be the 1st in his school to go to Oxbridge (@CaiusCollege, medicine). Perfect GCSEs. State school. Predicted 4A*. Result: 1A* 3A. He's now been told he's been unsuccessful in his application. His story embodies something important about today.
  • OK I'm going to do one last mini-thread on teacher assessment as this deeply unhelpful Telegraph headline has pissed me off.
  • Question: Do you regret at all the lying you’ve done to the American people?
  • It’s tha smile fa me🥺
  • Black people always have stuff only they know how to use 🤣😂🤦🏾‍♂️
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