7 day tweet volume :
Whether I am here or not I will always support my Gunners 👍🏼😉 Good luck tonight! 🙌🏼 #YaGunnersYa #COYG #ARSNEW
I wish George Floyd was asked nicely. I wish Breonna Taylor was asked nicely. I wish Trayvon Martin was asked nicely. I wish Philando Castile was asked nicely. I wish Eric Garner was asked nicely. I wish Michael Brown was asked nicely. I wish Tamir Rice was asked nicely. I wish..
You refused to call me by my name because it was too “hard to pronounce” now you wanna say I bullied you !! Bullied 🤬
They didn't even show up.
Tomorrow, the Conservatives can do the right thing and vote with Labour to #CancelTheCut to Universal Credit.

Their cut will cost six million families £1,000 a year and push 200,000 children into poverty.

It's the worst possible time to strip support from families who need it.
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  • Loooool they really said twitter.com/skynews/status…
  • Different Types Of UK Rappers
  • i was already in tears after 1.
  • On shift in an East London hospital. On one floor there is hope. Hope of the vaccine rollout. On another floor there is horror. Horror of Covid, tearing families apart. Please. Help us help you by staying home and keeping safe.
  • My captain 😍🔥🤝 Thanks for the assist Kevin 😉 @emilesmithrowe
  • 🎶 The kids are alright 😉👌 #ARSNEW
  • ESR has more assists than Havertz in 10 less games??
  • Anywho, this is a Yewande Biala stan account. 🧡
  • i got an offer at my dream university 🥺😫😫😫
  • -She turned 17 a few weeks ago -They’ve been dating for over a year Stephen Bear = twitter.com/DailyMailUK/st…
  • Every time I see a photo like this in color I’m sharing it
  • Resign @BorisJohnson.
  • One of the most insidious-disguised-as-reasonable opinions. The idea that politeness makes you kind. Rees-Mogg always has impeccable etiquette while voting against my rights over my body, against equal marriage and against feeding hungry kids. “Kind” loses all meaning
  • he really thought he was eating 😭😭😭😭
  • BREAKING: The UK now has the highest covid death rate in the world. A horrifying, heart-breaking, appalling fact that shames our country & our Govt.
  • Nah I’ve been laughing for the past 5 minutes now, this guy is hilarious 😂
  • As you honor my father today, please honor my mother, as well. She was the architect of the King Legacy and founder of @TheKingCenter, which she founded less than three months after Daddy died. Without #CorettaScottKing, there would be no #MLKDay. #MLK  #BelovedCommunity
  • This took me out 💀
  • THAT MAN AGAIN! ⚡️⚡️ 🔴 3-0 ⚫️ (77) #ARSNEW