Finally, y’all are seeing the light
When I was 11-14 yrs old I wanted to be like Gabriella but I ended up being like Sharpay
I hope mum doesn't see that 😅😂😂
Just two millionaires taking their private jets to exchange shoes but it’s your use of plastic straws that is killing the world.
Sunday Service. @KanyeWest just blessed @DJKhaled with unreleased Yeezys right off his feet 👀
Boris Johnson skips a press conference because of a demo. I once watched Margaret Thatcher land in Zambia, charge down the aircraft steps in the dark into the middle of a hostile crowd & give an impromptu presser even though she'd been told people might throw acid at her.
  • I hope mum doesn't see that 😅😂😂
  • cultural impact: █    █  █  █  _ tom holland's literally anything 'umbrella' else
  • Ayla’s first hair tutorial! 💕
  • so my brother got a new dog.... and I- just watch 😭
  • Is this how feds are moving nowadays? 😭😭
  • The Brexit negotiations in three pics
  • “If you have a hightop get out now “ - I can’t breathe🤣🤣🤣
  • It’s easy to forget the small cultural differences between us and our European neighbours. For example, did you know that in Luxembourg they show their love and respect for someone by booing and shouting “wanker”?
  • “You always smell so good omg what do you use???” Me:
  • When God is doing all the work in my life but allowing me to stunt like it’s my talent alone.
  • Westminster Bridge Road
  • This app is ruthless Fr 😭
  • Luxembourg PM Xavier Bettel leaves an empty podium for Boris Johnson after he pulled out of a joint press conference. Mr Johnson reportedly asked for the event to be moved indoors because of noisy protesters nearby, but Mr Bettel refused.
  • ok this one hit a little too close
  • also... @FentyOfficial
  • From Incredible Hulk to Incredible Sulk
  • Best video on the internet
  • ‘He doesn’t see me receive awards.’ In an emotional interview, @Cristiano breaks down in tears over the loss of his late father and the fact that he never got to witness his son's success. Watch the full interview on @ITV on Tuesday at 9pm. @piersmorgan | #GMB
  • haha yea I’m fine 🙂 x
  • Work colleagues when they smell the seasoning coming from my food from home