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When the second wave of Covid-19 hits the U.K., please be wary of the media. They will show you pictures of black and brown faces protesting. They will not show you white faces at the seaside, nor white faces protesting. Please remember this when the time comes.
The name is Belly Mujinga!!!

The pain is transparent and we DEMAND JUSTICE!

#JusticeforBellyMujinga pic.twitter.com/0aLM6q06NI
What a question by @piersmorgan.

“Would we be as obsessive about (Madeleine McCann) if this was a little black girl?”

Marcus Rashford in lockdown has

Started a charity that raised £20 million and helped feed 2.8 million children.

Launched a Christmas Box campaign with Selfridges to help Manchester's homeless.

Learned sign language to judge a poetry competition in a deaf school.

He's 22.
  • The name is Belly Mujinga!!! The pain is transparent and we DEMAND JUSTICE! #JusticeforBellyMujinga
  • - Black Lives Matter awakening - 40,000 dead from Covid UK Media:
  • This photo speaks so many volumes😔
  • aLl LiVeS mAtTeR
  • this is so sad 🥺 it made me cry
  • ✊🏾🖤.....
  • The Labour Party stands with Black communities in our country and across the world because #BlackLivesMatter.
  • Same day
  • ???
  • ‘It’s sad what ‘appened to that black geezer in America but all this rioting and looting is just not on mate’
  • Drew Brees should probably retire
  • Babies due to be born in 2020:
  • 4 cowards 1 gang
  • People stuck in traffic are witnessing NYPD beat up folks on their way home.
  • I have written to the Prime Minister calling on him to urge the United States and President Trump to respect human rights and the fundamental democratic right to peaceful protest.
  • He’s the worst Leader of the House in living memory #BusinessQuestions
  • This is coming from a country that has been oppressed/at war & have dealt with the same thing everyday even whilst fighting their own battles they’re standing up for others. THIS IS PALESTINE.
  • Nah the caption is killing me LOOOL