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phil schofield just admitted the slot for black lives matter was cut short in this morning because of madeleine mccann, if this doesn’t speak volumes to you then i don’t know what to tell you. the timings of this revelation of a new suspect is too suspicious
When the second wave of Covid-19 hits the U.K., please be wary of the media. They will show you pictures of black and brown faces protesting. They will not show you white faces at the seaside, nor white faces protesting. Please remember this when the time comes.
176 reported fatalities today, a big drop on last Thursday's 413. (413 338 428 539 674 727 1029 1103)

Ignore comparisons with other countries for now, the reporting methods are totally different.

What is important is that our deaths are steadily declining - the trend is clear.
A true #PL classic 😍

You voted @NUFC's iconic home strip as the #PLKitWorldCup winner 🏆 pic.twitter.com/3RHTgBiBZj
  • Please read and share this important message from Lyn Rigby, on behalf of the Lee Rigby Foundation 🙏
  • some people who haven’t gotten their justice
  • A true #PL classic 😍 You voted @NUFC's iconic home strip as the #PLKitWorldCup winner 🏆
  • Same day
  • I got goosebumps just watching this and we’re actually living through this.
  • this is so sad 🥺 it made me cry
  • aLl LiVeS mAtTeR
  • - Black Lives Matter awakening - 40,000 dead from Covid UK Media:
  • ‘It’s sad what ‘appened to that black geezer in America but all this rioting and looting is just not on mate’
  • This man isn't a protester. He was just a guy sitting at a traffic light when cops shot his car with a tear gas round. He got out to yell at them because his pregnant wife is in the vehicle. So they opened fire on them.
  • Decent society will clean up our monuments and reclaim our streets. ... but they will be heckled while doing so.
  • Meanwhile in Atlanta
  • the FBI is really investigating breonna’s case BECAUSE of the constant media requests. DO NOT LET PEOPLE TELL YALL THIS PRESSURE ISNT HELPING.
  • I have written to the Prime Minister calling on him to urge the United States and President Trump to respect human rights and the fundamental democratic right to peaceful protest.
  • Far right wingers deciding which issue to bring up under a completely unrelated BLM post.
  • me signing petitions with different emails
  • Gives me goosebumps watching this. Absolutely loved King Kev 👏⚫️⚪️ #NUFC @alanshearer
  • He’s the worst Leader of the House in living memory #BusinessQuestions
  • The name is Belly Mujinga!!! The pain is transparent and we DEMAND JUSTICE! #JusticeforBellyMujinga
  • Timber............ @BronzeBomber