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SAY THEIR NAME (a UK thread)
We are lifting the lockdown because our 5 tests have now been met. The tests are:
-R rate still high
-track and trace app not working
-highest death toll per million in the world
-people ignoring the lockdown anyway
-need to distract attention from Dom
The whole country needs to stop right now and listen to Killer Mike. He’s verbalizing what a lot of us don’t know how to express pic.twitter.com/yiBEaicRGT
I think a lot of British ppl say ‘the UK isn’t as bad as the US’ because black history is not taught in schools. The British national curriculum is so white washed and pro British history, it fails to expose the UK’s shortcomings regarding racism
  • The whole country needs to stop right now and listen to Killer Mike. He’s verbalizing what a lot of us don’t know how to express
  • the room next door - Dominic Cummings SHORT VERSION
  • legitimately stunned that CNN didn’t cut Cornel West’s mic. Maybe someone in the control room was just as enraptured as I am
  • Have I got News for You Ian Hislop nails the whole Dominic Cummgs story in one piece #sackDominicCummngs
  • Please remember there is still a national ban on gatherings of more than 2 people from different households while outside this weekend. Coronavirus is still a threat. Keep being safe, Norwich. You are doing brilliantly! 👍
  • One of the best, smartest, impromptu speeches I have ever heard. Amazing leadership.
  • Shameless Boris Johnson hopes by Monday we will have forgotten he has ignored the rule of law, shut down journalists & deliberately put the health of the nation & lives at risk just to keep his adviser in a job. RT to let him know you won’t be #MovingOn
  • just let this image soak in
  • I was so so moved by this, so I’m sharing it
  • NHS staff have saved thousands and thousands of lives over the past few weeks. Please RT if you’ll always be grateful.
  • JUSTICE FOR GEORGE FLOYD. HStyles.lnk.to/JusticeForGeor…
  • Epidemiologist and SAGE member Professor John Edmunds says it is risky to ease lockdown at this stage as the R rate is "only just below one" leaving "not a lot of room for manoeuvre" and that England alone is still seeing 8,000 new infections a day. trib.al/7tPFxdm
  • Clive Lewis MP & Unison, GMB, NASUWT & NEU have issued a Joint statement, in response to widening school provision across Norfolk on June 1. This is a position we know many Headteachers agree with but are unable, for various reasons, to publicly support: norfolkneu.org/events/joint-u…
  • put your laces through it son
  • Diver persuades an octopus to exchange its nasty plastic shelter for an all-natural one.
  • The East Anglian Book Awards return! 📚 🏆 Now in their 13th year, the Awards recognise the books & writers who have been shaped by, & have helped to shape, the culture of our region. Applications open 4 July @EDP24 @JarroldNorwich @uniofeastanglia buff.ly/2TPrsTJ
  • You want a tik tok? Here’s a tik tok:
  • Just in case you were ever in any doubt about the Tories bot capability, look at these. 😂 When the wall of phones goes wrong.... Share far and wide!?!?
  • I’ve seen this letter on our local FB page from the Totnes Tory MP who has obviously forgotten to remove the cut and paste instructions from Tory party Central office. Just shows how uncaring they are - do feel free to RT #BorisJohnsonMustGo #SackDom
  • understanding Dominic Cummings ft.com/content/6aa50a…