7 day tweet volume :
  • Hahahahahahahahahahaha Fellaini has just nearly killed a paramedic
  • This is just brilliant 🙌 Dortmund's opening goal vs Werder Bremen was a clever and well rehearsed free-kick routine... You see Guerreiro and Reus discuss it, sell the fake so well, then deliver an inch-perfect cross for Paco Alcacer 👌 They are a joy to watch this season 💛🖤
  • Merry Christmas #nffc #dcfc
  • Picked up the wrong case on National Express coach 230, Leicester to Heathrow this morning (15/12/18) pls RT my case is full of Xmas presents 😭 case is identical to this hence the mixup, think they got off at T5 @HeathrowAirport poss Uni of Notts student !
  • Wetherspoons Lloyd’s nottingham last night, this guy didn’t even kick off, shortly after videoing a bouncer stood on his head for no reason and he wasn’t resisting or anything ffs twats
  • "AHHH, YEAHHHH!" 😝 Here's the moment Neal Ardley witnessed his first goal as #Notts manager.
  • An East Midlands derby-themed treat for day 1️⃣6️⃣ of our advent calendar. Using emojis, describe how you were feeling when @OsbornOn1 hit this winner at Pride Park... #NFFC
  • On behalf of all my teammates and everyone at #NFFC I will be sending a selection of boots and shirts to help grassroots level football in Zimbabwe.
  • Still not over this masterclass
  • Probably the best goal line defending you will ever see! How did @DulwichHamletFC keep this out? 🤯
  • Limbs
  • A message for NHS staff from documentary legend @LouisTheroux We'd love him to do a thorough investigation into the increasing privatisation of healthcare in the UK - please RT if you would too #MerryXmasNHS
  • Me reading #TheLastJedi Call Sheet: (thrilled) "ADRIAN EDMONDSON?!!! I wonder if it's the same @AdrianEdmondson that was in The Young Ones & Bottom?" #DUH 🙄 Seriously Hamill, how many Adrian Edmondsons do you think there are in show-biz? #FanBoyMeetsComicGenius 🤣👍
  • Anyone who thinks that “we’ll be fine” if the UK crashes out of the EU with a no deal Brexit should watch this video and reassess their opinion.
  • YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Unbelievable effort from @DulwichHamletFC v @WinFinchleyFC 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  • Aged 14-25 & love to perform? The National Youth Theatre want to meet you! In 2019 @NYTofGB are holding acting auditions & backstage interviews at over 70 venues across the UK. On Sat 2 March auditions will be here at Nottingham Playhouse. Find out more > nyt.org.uk/auditions
  • When Derby score after 1 minute and 24 seconds tomorrow.
  • 🍫 On the 4th day of #Christmas, Londis gave to me...a luxurious #Chocolate Hamper! 🎁 For your chance to #WIN, simply RT & Follow @myLondis 18+/ UK Only. Full T&C's: bit.ly/SocialTCs Closes: 22/12 23:59 #SundayMotivation #Weekend
  • Me: *eats dairy* My small intestine:
  • Snoop Dogg is a whole mood on the Kanye situation 😂
  • So let's settle this for once.. Rt for night mode 🌛 Like for day mode 🌞
  • This is great news. For instance, there are 42000 vacancies for nurses so it’s excellent that no nurses will be allowed in. Same with midwives and care workers and so good that we won’t have to put up with any academics or young entrepreneurs or scientists, artists etc.
  • Good people of Belgium protesting the madness of the Global Pact on Migration. Western European’s have simply had enough of being spectators of their own demise.
  • 🎥 | Here's the best pitchside footage from yesterday's win - complete with @CharlieSlater15's excellent commentary!
  • 😂😂😂 👌 Class - I'm gonna punch his beard off!!!