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to put it into perspective, the £22 million the government is providing to support businesses in Greater Manchester during an actual pandemic is £30 million less than Boris Johnson spent on a bridge that doesn't exist in London
It's not Andy Burnham they've humiliated, it's themselves. It's not Andy Burnham they've insulted, it's the people of Greater Manchester.
In ten years in Parliament I’ve never seen anything like this. MPs are on a call with the Health Secretary being told Greater Manchester is getting only £22m while our Mayor is at a press conference being told by the media. This is bad faith, it’s immoral - just disgraceful
Great answer.

The question - I think from Nick Robinson - suggested haggling over £5m was ‘showboating’ over a ‘relatively small amount of money’.

This is what Burnham said: pic.twitter.com/MIQkbyIy23
  • Great answer. The question - I think from Nick Robinson - suggested haggling over £5m was ‘showboating’ over a ‘relatively small amount of money’. This is what Burnham said:
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  • I get the feeling that this moment will be replayed again and again and again. Politically, absolutely toxic.
  • Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester telling the govt the unvarnished truth : “This is no way to run a country in a national crisis. It’s not right. They shouldn’t be doing this. Grinding people down. Trying to accept the least they can get away with”
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  • We are deeply shocked and upset to learn that @HS2ltd felled the #CubbingtonPearTree today. There is no replacing the centuries of history and beauty that this tree has given to the Cubbington area. Our sympathies go out to local people and all tree-lovers. Read on 👇
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  • Andy Burnham absolutely letting rip at the government for withholding the support Manchester needs... looking like the Clark Kent of Stockport. 😍 #ManchesterLockdown @AndyBurnhamGM
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  • I got the data back to 1949. Central Government in the UK has never employed more people than it does today. Local Government employment is at its lowest since 1963. The public corporations, central and local, are almost all gone. There was a war. Westminster won. Completely.