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"It was like one of the best games I've ever played in!" 🔥

How it feels to make your #SWFC debut in a Steel City derby 👊

@Michailantonio reminiscing of the good times during his stint as an Owl 🦉 #Super6Podcast
If we get a point from our next 3 games I’ll give everyone £5 who likes and RT’s this post pic.twitter.com/R71DUnQd1T
Not surprised, she's not even facing the board.
Fallon Sherrock, who made history by beating two men at the PDC World Darts Championship, has narrowly failed to qualify for the 2021 tournament.

👉 bbc.in/3j9Pe6Z pic.twitter.com/ew8wtc5AP5
Soooo... that’s me. THE FIRST HIJABI ON PLT!!! Still so wild to me 😩😩🔥🔥🔥💕💕 pic.twitter.com/oVcSyebjCf
  • If we get a point from our next 3 games I’ll give everyone £5 who likes and RT’s this post
  • Soooo... that’s me. THE FIRST HIJABI ON PLT!!! Still so wild to me 😩😩🔥🔥🔥💕💕
  • Two tweets on same incident ⬇️ One from ‘has been’ who is peddling race hate to keep his flagging career alive . It’s fact free Other is from Minister of Baptist Church who caught culprit Full of compassion Only one reflects traditional British values It’s not #Farage’s
  • My coffee art today is a cat letting off an atomic bomb
  • When I close my eyes, you’re the only goal I ever think about 🤪 @manulanzini
  • My mother has truly produced the pumpkin of our era.
  • @RobbieDoggeh
  • #BTS #방탄소년단 #BTS_BE Concept Photo
  • Take Responsibility!!!! #EndSARS
  • Dude looks like he just reached the final boss of a decolonization rpg.
  • Watch Theresa May's reaction when Michael Gove talks bollocks on security.
  • ‼️My mate, his girlfriend and his newborn baby was robbed at gun point yesterday get this shared about people. They took their family car, money and 6 pocket bullys. Got 3 back we just need the other 3 back. 3 grand reward for return of the dogs message @tonobulls on insta
  • This morning Government published details of a further £81m contract awarded to PPE Medpro Limited (it had already received a £112m contract) a new £100 company with no obvious qualification to supply PPE beyond an association with big Tory donors. ted.europa.eu/udl?uri=TED:NO…
  • Tottenham 3-3 West Ham - Alternative Commentary
  • 29 years ago today Sheffield Wednesday won a free-kick at Kenilworth Road... and John Sheridan did this. Filthier than Hugh Hefner’s bookshelf.
  • I don’t really have the words for this one - so I’m just going to leave it here. With love, always. @CBeebiesHQ
  • Every meeting when you suffer from imposter syndrome
  • The face of former PM @theresa_may is an absolute picture when @michaelgove tells her British people would be safer from crime and terrorism if the government fails to agree crime and security agreements with EU. She could seen saying “what?!!!!!”
  • @Coldwar_Steve
  • Theresa May’s reaction to Michael Gove speaks for the nation 👇🏿
  • @_chloedonovan
  • One of the greatest ever moments on Parkinson came in 1982 when BUDDY RICH and ROY CASTLE improvised the hell out of it only to be joined by SAMMY DAVIS JR.
  • A year ago in the midst of the coup in Bolivia, Mayor Patricia Arce was captured, beaten, had paint thrown on her and her hair chopped off, and was paraded through the streets by right wing thugs who wanted to intimidate MAS supporters. Yesterday, she was elected Senator 🌹✊
  • Hello Helen, I wonder if you researched Isambard Kingdom Brunel before tweeting? Brunel's father was a French engineer and migrant. Brunel spoke fluent French, was educated at the Lycée Henri-IV in Paris and served his apprenticeship under Abraham-Louis Breguet in France.
  • I bet Pickford is shitting himself Sean🤣