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Solidarity with posties, transport workers, healthcare staff & all those fighting for what's theirs.

Responsibility for disruption this Christmas lies with greedy bosses and stubborn government ministers who refuse to give workers the pay, conditions and respect they deserve.
You’ve heard of elf on the shelf, now get ready for… pic.twitter.com/FLVgV7oNd2
Lots of cards on lots of tables. Four of a kind. What are the chances? @RMTunion pic.twitter.com/ckBhYHKdT4
  • You’ve heard of elf on the shelf, now get ready for…
  • Lots of cards on lots of tables. Four of a kind. What are the chances? @RMTunion
  • hereditary (2018)
  • Angela Rayner - "We have seen PPE contracts go to people who have links to Tory MPs... this is a scandal of huge proportions... as we're still spending, every single day, £700,000 on PPE storage that cannot be used as a result of some of these contracts." #BBCBreakfast
  • me every morning risking my job, career and future for an extra 5 minutes of sleep
  • Eni Aluko: ‘Richarlison has 19 goals in 40 games, you do the math that’s a goal a game’
  • @JonnyGabriel
  • Protect Bukayo Saka at ALL costs. ❤️
  • “Don’t like it at all. The Oompa Loompas, singing and dancing. They’re supposed to be working in that factory. Maybe if they were focused on doing their job that poor boy wouldn’t have fallen in the chocolate river.”
  • I'm pre-blocked by two of these accounts. Is it some sort of bot/troll farm?
  • Happy first birthday to an all-time great #AccidentalPartridge
  • You won't see a much cleaner hit free-kick than that. 🤌 Michael Tonge with a searing strike vs West Ham in 2007, today's 'Goal of the Day'. 🚀
  • 🎁 #ChristmasCrackers: Day 6⃣ 🎄 Counting down to Christmas with some sensational EFL goals! ⚽️💥 #EFL | @swfc
  • This is the best thing Apple has ever done
  • 'I've had enough now.' James O'Brien is absolutely fed up of people blaming the RMT for the UK's 'joke' railways as they're being treated as 'cash cows' by private investors including foreign governments. @mrjamesob
  • @kirstiealley
  • Justin Webb demands Mick Lynch explains why he opposes Driver Only operation. Mick explains its less safe not having a guard Justin then exclaims: "But the guards are still there... driver only operated trains surely have a 2nd person on the train" erm... no Justin.
  • “Cards on the table, I’m a bot”
  • اس قوم نے NRO-1 کی بھاری قیمت چکائی ہے۔ ان دو مجرم خاندانوں اور انکےحواریوں کی لوٹ مار نے دس برس میں ہمارا قرض چار گنا بڑھا دیا۔ NRO 2 تو اس سے بھی بڑھ کر شرمناک ہے! 1100 ارب روپے کے کرپشن کیسز کو معافی و استثنیٰ دیا جارہا ہے۔قوم کی جیبوں پر یہ دن دیہاڑے ایک ڈاکہ ہے!
  • Morocco celebrate their win against Spain with a Palestinian flag. Every North African and Middle East team has made sure that the Palestine issue is prominent at every game
  • It’s official! #WaterlooRoad will return to your screens on Tuesday 3rd January at 8pm. Tag a friend to let them know 👇
  • Oh really…
  • RISHI ‘TRUDEAU’ - In less than a month he has cancelled all his ‘election’ plans & is forging ahead with the WEF Agenda. As predicted. ‘We want to rewire the entire global financial system for net zero' Read that again. Don’t say you weren’t warned!
  • U.K. - Now the House of Lords has issued a paper setting out how you will be forced to follow the Agenda. By legislation to change your behaviour. First the nudge and then the stick. Lockstep looks like this. committees.parliament.uk/publications/3…
  • We’re now up to 5 lies so far, and that’s just from the two trailers.. works out around one whopper every 30 seconds. Princess Pinocchio is excelling herself!
  • Speed has gone all the way to Qatar to see Ronaldo play against Switzerland. Ronaldo is on the bench…😭
  • *strikes are supposed to be disruptive
  • We're sorry to learn of the death of Mills Lane. One of boxing's greatest ever referees. Our thoughts are with his loved ones. Rest easy, Mr Lane.
  • Arco in Hull have been the primary supplier of clinical PPE to the NHS since the NHS was born but during the pandemic they didn’t get a sniff because they weren’t on the VIP list and didn’t have access to Ministers' WhatsApps. The Government should fess up and say SORRY.
  • From the top end of Piper Street… #EarlyDoors
  • I don’t know who needs to hear this but Neil Diamond, who retired from performing five years ago because of Parkinsons, just had a Broadway show of him open and it at the opening night he did this
  • @YorksRose_84
  • What absolute scenes from firefighters and fire control staff today 📣🤩 Are you listening Westminster? It’s #FairPayOrFireStrike 💥
  • Every time a new Low Traffic Neighbourhood is proposed, right wing grifters pretend it's a new, sinister development, but most estates were built this way and we've had LTNs since the Victorians. Nothing has robbed our cities of freedom more than the car.
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