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Be that person your future self will be proud of.
I mean she Brave brave like proper brave 💪🏿😊🖤🖤🖤 @TracySarkcess @braveconnectgh pic.twitter.com/r8e6yDo0d8
I know this is impossible but, If ever I win the funds will be directly donated to @fundsforbangtan and @BorahaeFunds for @BTS_twt 'BE' album comeback.
  • Nigeria 💚
  • I mean she Brave brave like proper brave 💪🏿😊🖤🖤🖤 @TracySarkcess @braveconnectgh
  • This is not Dubai, This is Tema, Ghana 🇬🇭 image by Opeimu 📸
  • 🚨Club Notice 🚨 Asante Kotoko Meets Hisense ————————— We are delighted to announce a partnership with Hisense for the next three seasons, beginning with 2020/21. This mutually beneficial deal will make Hisense the Official Household Electronic partner of Asante Kotoko SC.
  • Together as one!!! ✊🏿 Thank you @iamedemvictor
  • M A T C H D A Y ! 💪🔵 Big one today, come on Chels! #MUNCHE
  • W E L C O M E 🇬🇭🇧🇷🔥 F A B I O G A M A Asante Kotoko is delighted to announce the acquisition of Brazilian international Midfielder Fabio Dos Santos Gama.
  • Africa you are my inspiration, my identity, my family, my home!! That’s why I carry you on my back! I am devastated and heartbroken to see what’s going on in Nigeria, Congo, Ivory Coast, so many places.. This continent deserves better – deserves justice!!
  • #NPPPartyColoursDay
  • Be your own King 👑
  • Manchester, we're on our way! 📍🗺 #MUNCHE
  • #44DaysTo4More #RockYourNPPColours #NPPColoursDay
  • Join the #NPPColoursDay tomorrow. #RockYourNPPColours #44DaysTo4More
  • #AD We’ve done a lot but trust me there’s a lot more to do ... Make sure you #DoMoreWithMG #MgMoments
  • Notice from @MTNGhana
  • The medical drones introduced under the NPP Government have saved many lives. #MakingGhanaEfficient #4MoreForNana
  • Y'ello! Dear customers, we have taken note of this claim and we will like to encourage you all to contact MTN directly if you have any issues or concerns. MTN MoMo remains safe ,secure and reliable. #Wedey4u
  • Let your confidence talks😉
  • When I eventually die, I want to know I lived more than the average man...
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  • One day we will talk about how Sarkodie put all the top artists in Ghana on his show at the apollo theatre, filled the venue, became the first black man to headline a concert there and dropped a song the next day to thank Sarknation.
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  • It’s NPP Colours Day! #RockYourNPPColours #44DaysTo4More #NPPColoursDay
  • Digitisation in the health sector helps doctors and nurses deliver the best possible care to patients. #MakingGhanaEfficient #4MoreForNana
  • TS5
  • Because this deserves some more appreciation... 🤯🙌 #MUFC @D_DeGea
  • God Nogo Shame Us 🙅🏾‍♂️
  • ‘Ever Lasting’ music video out @ 6PM GMT on my YouTube channel 🖤 #AnlogaJunction Subscribe: youtube.com/user/stonebwoy…
  • My Don eat omo olonka mmiensa wey he boot. Idolo
  • CEO flow out now link in bio 🥶🥶