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One unusual day, they suddenly came to my life!


[#민기] 에이티니~ 10분 뒤에 만나요!ㅎㅎㅎ
#ATEEZ #에이티즈 pic.twitter.com/ai1saAOkcW

민기의 생일을 축하합니다🎉
사랑을 담은 축하 멘션을 보내주세요!💌

#ATEEZ #에이티즈 #민기 #MINGI pic.twitter.com/DXIgsXlyQq
Our 4 year anniversary
We love you 🖤 pic.twitter.com/hS0Cv35VPv
  • [#민기] 에이티니~ 10분 뒤에 만나요!ㅎㅎㅎ #ATEEZ #에이티즈
  • [🎂] HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINGI! ⠀ 민기의 생일을 축하합니다🎉 사랑을 담은 축하 멘션을 보내주세요!💌 ⠀ #ATEEZ #에이티즈 #민기 #MINGI
  • BLACKPINK and BLINK Our 4 year anniversary We love you 🖤
  • [#여상] 나도 나도 사랑해 #ATEEZ #에이티즈
  • Super One : #MARK Says 🔗 supermofficial.com #SuperM #SuperOne #WeAreTheFuture #SuperMTheFuture
  • [📷] TODAY ATEEZ   에이티즈에게 무한 사랑을 주는 에이티니 덕분에 오늘도 에이티즈는 행복함을 가득 안고 갑니다🥰 내일은 퍼포먼스 장인 에이티즈로 무대에서 만나요🤟🏻 #TODAY_ATEEZ #ATEEZ #에이티즈
  • [17'S 쿱스] 캐럿들 덕분에 늘 행복하지만 오늘은 더 행복해요🤍💕🥰
  • this yalls biggest boy group?
  • Seokjin's older brother just got married and jin is their MC. Namjoon and hobi attended the wedding aswell. Congratulations and best wishes to the wedding of Jin's brother. 💜
  • seokjin seokjin on weverse the very next day
  • 나의 보석들💎 모두 하이하이 ! 어제 데뷔를 축하해준 나의 보석들 너무 너무 고맙고 사랑해요💛 이제 시작이니까 우리 더 행복하자요 사랑한디^^💕 #JIHOON #지훈 #ジフン
  • [#우영] 에이티니 오늘도 사랑해❤️ #ATEEZ #에이티즈
  • Super One : #BAEKHYUN Says 🔗 supermofficial.com #SuperM #SuperOne #WeAreTheFuture #SuperMTheFuture
  • [주학년] 우리 더비 뭐하구 있나아 ㅎㅎ😆
  • 7 years and he hasn’t aged a bit...
  • HELLO?(&?&?&;&;&
  • I'm sorry but, can we talk about how ARMY is represented as an adult woman with a career, and organized schedule and bills to pay? Because yes. HEAR THAT, WESTERN MEDIA? #TinyTAN
  • i just think it's funny 😭😭
  • yoongi and his tinytan ♡
  • POLAND NEEDS YOUR HELP this isn’t some kind of a joke. young protestors are being beaten up on the streets by police, some of them are in really bad condition and why? just because they want to have basic human rights
  • Every time I see someone losing their mind over “the strawberry dress” I get furious that Tess Holiday wore this dress back in JANUARY and no one said a thing, and now that a bunch of skinny TikTok girls have it, it’s suddenly the hot item. the fat phobia is not it guys.
  • #이달의소녀 2020 SUMMER PACKAGE의 청량함을 오프라인에서 직접 느껴볼 수 있는 CONCEPT ZONE🌴이 오는 8월 14일 오픈합니다! 자세한 내용은 이달의 소녀 공식 팬카페를 통해 확인해 주세요💚 ▶️ cafe.daum.net/loonatheworld #LOONA
  • they scream !! >ㅁ<
  • taehyung attending the wedding
  • Jin’s brother posted!! “Thank you to my wink-loving brother who hosted a wonderful wedding; Lee Hyun, who laid the stage for an emotional destruction; and all guests who celebrated their work and rest at the wedding of their old friends, whose friendship glowed. I’ll live well!”
  • [주연] 히든싱어 촬영 내내 너무 즐거웠고! 김연자 선생님 편에 출연하게 되어서 영광이었습니다🙏
  • wait this one too whew twitter.com/retrozones/sta…