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#IPAC 🇪🇺 MEPs @MiriamMLex @AnnaFotyga_PE @RihoTerras lead cross-party letter supporting trans-Atlantic cooperation on telecommunications development in Central and Eastern Europe.

The signatories call for alternatives to China's 5G technology, citing security concerns.
A cross-party group of MEPs from Central & Eastern Europe have sent a letter to Chair @RepGregoryMeeks & Ranking Member @RepMcCaul expressing their support for the Transatlantic Telecommunications Security Act & the development of safe & secure telecommunications networks in CEE pic.twitter.com/WLFbdPwPCu
STATEMENT : Trudeau Liberals give in to China’s demands by threatening to pull support for Halifax Security Forum. #Taïwan #China @iingwen @MOFA_Taiwan @MichaelChongMP @CPC_HQ #cdnpoli pic.twitter.com/C1VDIixCMf
I’m on @BBCr4today shortly talking about defending democracy as MPs are sanctioned by China for speaking out.
Commentary by my colleague @MichaelChongMP on #China, its increasing hostilities, and how #Canada should respond.
"The sanctions...are a clumsy attempt to silence our free speech and open debate. But they will work if we are silent."
  • STATEMENT : Trudeau Liberals give in to China’s demands by threatening to pull support for Halifax Security Forum. #Taïwan #China @iingwen @MOFA_Taiwan @MichaelChongMP @CPC_HQ #cdnpoli
  • We're launching a flagship campaign to welcome Hongkongers moving to the UK for freedom days after @GOVUK revealed a £43m dedicated support package. This is to celebrate HKers resilient spirit and identity and to encourage the British public to continue the support #UKxHK
  • Hong Kong to outlaw campaigning for election boycotts cna.asia/32a8s6m
  • After the @EUinMacaoandHK seemed to think #UyghurGenocide denier Regina IP was an appropriate candidate to promote #WomensRights,we now received an answer from @BorrellF.While he admits that the campaign failed "to properly illustrate our European values",they still defend her...
  • US officials head to Europe to shore up allied support on Russia, Iran, China f24.my/7YuK.t
  • #HongKongers: I wrote this today from my ❤️ for you and for all our brothers and sisters in jail, on trial or facing imprisonment #FreeMartinLee #FreeAndyLi #FreeJimmyLai #FreeJoshuaWong #FreeAgnesChow #FreeEdwardLeung Free #HongKong #StandWithHongKong #FightForFreedom
  • Le gouvernement hongkongais a annoncé qu'il sera désormais illégal d'encourager des personnes à boycotter un scrutin ou à voter blanc, une décision dans la droite ligne de la volonté de Pékin #AFP
  • Journalist Yvonne Tong quits RTHK – source hongkongfp.com/2021/04/13/jou…
  • We're grateful for the BNO visa and all the support we got from UK society, but we will not stop our fight until justice is prevailed. The billboards pay homage to the determination of HKers who have fought relentlessly for their freedom, no matter the cost. #StandWithHK
  • 【閹割選舉 再防港人發起白票廢票運動杯葛選舉】 政府公布修改選舉制度細節,將修例訂明,在選舉期間公開煽惑他人不投票、投白票或廢票,或故意妨礙或阻止他人投票均屬違法。政制及内地事務局局長曾國衛重申,條例針對「煽惑」行為而非投白票本身,強調煽惑投白票等會「破壞」選舉公信力。
  • ‘Be extra cautious’: Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai writes letter to staff from jail hongkongfp.com/2021/04/13/be-…
  • BREAKING: Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong jailed for 4 months over 2019 demo hongkongfp.com/2021/04/13/bre…
  • 感謝網友陳✖️華兄提供👇🏻
  • On 2020.1.1, a police officer took off Ted Hui's goggles twice & pepper sprayed him & journalists at Causeway Bay. 1 year later, CAPO replied that all of Ted's complaints were unsubstantiated. The officer was not at fault. IPCC agreed with the conclusion. Video by Studio Incendo
  • Most of the world is distancing itself from the brutal Myanmar military as it shoots hundreds of pro-democracy protesters. The Russian government is rushing to sell it arms. asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Myan…
  • #FreeJoshua Today @joshuawongcf got another 4-month sentence in jail. Why? Because he wore a mask😷 in a protest in Oct 2019 He's currently serving a 13.5-mth sentence & facing a charge under the #NationalSecurityLaw w/ max penalty of life in prison‼️ The World must act🧵
  • I said back in May that there was enormous evidence the Wuhan virus spread from a lab leak. The Left scoffed at this statement. But nearly three weeks ago, Dr. Redfield publicly confirmed that fact. Now even CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent agrees. Next, the CCP?
  • Secretary of State Antony Blinken staunchly rebuked China on Sunday for acts of genocide against Muslim Uyghurs in its Xinjiang region forbes.com/sites/jonathan…
  • National Security Education Day 🇨🇳 propaganda leaflets sent to Hong Kong kindergartens, so kids can learn the 16 types of "National Security": Political Security, Internet Security, Cultural Security, Deep Sea Security, Overseas Interests Security, Bio Security, Space Security…
  • JUST IN: Urging people to spoil or cast blank ballots in elections to become a crime in Hong Kong hongkongfp.com/2021/04/13/jus…
  • 鏗鏘集觀看次數港台節目稱冠 廣播處長李百全上任後多次抽起節目,一向有收視又有口碑的《鏗鏘集》成被「抽」對象。根據港台提交財委會的最新文件,在港台YouTube頻道《鏗鏘集》再次成為觀看次數最多節目,由16年累計達7856萬次,單是去年3月至今年2月,1年間觀看次數已達3700多萬,遠高於其他節目。
  • After an open letter from victims of China's @CGTNOfficial use of forced TV confessions - essentially tools of political terror - Norway takes CGTN off the air. Sweden took both CGTN and CCTV-4 off the air previously after complaints in local media. safeguarddefenders.com/en/blog/victim…