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End police brutality.

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[Sensitive content] Many people were wounded near the obelisk pic.twitter.com/COifRESfmZ
That's your opportunity to unite ALL Hongkongers to fight for your privacy rights & prevent Hong Kong's Uyghurization. I invented the word. It means Hongkongers' DNAs are collected to be future candidates for forced organs harvesting in a #CCP fascist citywide concentration camp.
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Pro-Beijing loyalists propose barring #Hongkongers who refuse to take #CCP-led corona virus test from entering common public areas. The test itself is believed leaking DNA info. One of the evils is Jeffrey Lam kin-fung. This differentiate people like #Culturalrevolution. pic.twitter.com/I2cmlZQvrQ
What a shame on how these authoritarian regime treat their citizens! Dictatorship must be ended. These regime and state police go against the principle of a civilised society. We Hongkongers #StandWithBelarus
Hope #Belarus receive our message. Let’s fight together. pic.twitter.com/ahHSVoYmbM
  • What a shame on how these authoritarian regime treat their citizens! Dictatorship must be ended. These regime and state police go against the principle of a civilised society. We Hongkongers #StandWithBelarus Hope #Belarus receive our message. Let’s fight together.
  • “They started shooting at [the protesters’] arms and legs.” Police in Belarus say more than 6,000 arrested as protests over disputed election results continue.
  • #StandWithBelarus #PoliceBrutality People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people!!!
  • [SOUND ON] "It feels like we live in Middle Ages." Here is audio recorded last night near the Minsk detention center where hundreds/thousands are being kept, indoor and outdoor. You can hear screams and moans from beatings.
  • 白俄當地流出一架軍用車輪直接碾過示威者 CLS #StandwithBelarus #FreeBelarus
  • [正直、気分はまだ回復していない。] #FreeAgnes @chowtingagnes 1/ 去年の8月30日、私は初めて家で逮捕され(それ以前は予約逮捕かデモ現場での逮捕だった)、それ以来、玄関のベルを聞く螢幕截圖 2020-08-14 上午11.19.58だけで緊張して、警察じゃないかと怖くなる。
  • Military and police across #Belarus are deposing their uniforms and joining the protesters demanding a free, democratic and values driven Belarus. #BelarusProtest #StandWithBelarus
  • Stand with #Belarus don't let #PoliceBrutality kill anyone!! People should have their own right, freedom, democracy and justice. Dictatorship should be over in the coming future! @OzraeliAvi @EnzoMazak @SecPompeo @SolomonYue
  • You can hear screams of the detained in the Akrestina torture house in Minsk, filmed by @euroradio. Residents of the surrounding buildings say those continue through the night. Thousands remain in cells like these across Belarus. This is some Hague Tribunal shit. #FreeBelarus
  • Meanwhile, Hong Kong University’s student union placed a front page statement in @appledaily_hk, calling on all #HongKong people “we shall give our lives to freedom.”
  • From all the videos surfacing online it seems the whole of Minsk - & many other Belarusian cities - is out protesting in the streets. After three days of sadistic police violence it’s becoming increasingly hard to see how Lukashenko will weather this storm
  • 白俄羅斯人正在為了民主、自由而抗爭,與香港人一樣
  • Couldn’t notice any difference. #StandWithBelarus #StandWithHongKong
  • rt this, please, it's really important this is how the third night of protests in Belarus looked like #FreeBelarus #StandWithBelarus
  • HongKongers stand with #Belarus peoples , we know that feel. Maybe dictator can kill us but they can’t stop us ! Good luck everyone😢 #BeWater #BelarusPoliceBrutality
  • Glad to see the Chinese Communist Party at least temporarily loosening its persecution of Jimmy Lai. We must never allow them to silence the brave dissidents speaking out against their violence and oppression. The CCP is terrified and lashing out. twitter.com/WSJopinion/sta…
  • Popular Belarus uprising was joined today by workers. Women in white, priests, medics, reporters of State media joined the rallies against police brutality. Democratic World Ambassadors to Belarus honored the memory of those shot dead by police.
  • Belarusians's determination to oust Lukashenko is clear. Whatever the actual results of the election, the genie has been well and truly let out of the bottle. We Hongkongers are with you, and we are going to survive these endless nights, together. #StandWithBelarus
  • .@SecPompeo: We’re going to distrust and then we’re going to go verify, and we aim to induce change in the Chinese Communist Party’s behavior. It’s that straightforward. America’s people deserve it and our national security demands it.
  • I know the world is watching Belarus. You can express your solidarity by creating nice visuals (cartoons, illustrations, collages, animation). Anything that can inspire Belarusians or to reveal the truth to the world. Post with hashtag #BelarusSolidarity on all SM, I will promote
  • @hkcatlai #PoliceBrutality anywhere must not be tolerated. #highlightbelarus #StandWithBelarus
  • Let us pay attention to #highlightbelarus Here is a short version to talk about what happens in #Belarus Credit: instagram.com/p/CD0YhorhOC5/… [1/3]
  • Belarus state TV shows six bloody & bruised young protesters being humiliated in custody: "So are you going to do any more revolutions?" ... "Never in my life." .. "No, no." Terrifyingly! #BelarusSolidarity #BelarusFreedom #BelarusProtest
  • 手抱兒子 騰打別人兒子 🤬🤬🤬🤬 一世都不會忘記 721 元朗白衣人
  • 111/? - This is the 111th episode of a Series i do where I go over some of Hong Kong's worst police brutality moments! #hongkong police shot a gun into the air, which happened to hit an innocent civilian and remove their eye! Extended Version - m.youtube.com/watch?v=HzOM4Q… 😷😷
  • We stand together in the fight against tyrannies. We all are Hongkonger. We all are Belarusian. We all are Thai. #StandWithHK #StandWithBelarus #StandWithThailand (photos from internet)
  • Canadians can be arrested by secret police in Hong Kong for criticizing Beijing, committee hears dlvr.it/RdblkF