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  • #Gempa Mag:6.4, 03-Des-22 16:49:41 WIB, Lok:7.51 LS,107.52 BT (52 km BaratDaya KAB-GARUT-JABAR), Kedlmn:118 Km, tdk berpotensi tsunami #BMKG
  • 베바스 옹끼르또옹 #진형을사랑하는사람들을위해 #석진메리미 #SeokjinDay #JinDay2022
  • Furry snake...🐈🐾🐍😅
  • [#진생일ㅊㅋ] Δ~~~Δ ξ ・ェ・ ξ ξ ~ ξ ~iiii~ ξ    ξ ┎★☆┒ ξ   “~~~~〇 ξ ξ ξ ξ ξ~~~ξ ξ   ξ_ξξ_ξ  ξ_ξξ_ξ #Jin #진 #왕귀염둥이 #쫜케이크
  • [17'S] SEVENTEEN WORLD TOUR [BE THE SUN] IN AICHI 愛知ツアー1日目❤️‍🔥 会場と #ベストアーティスト2022 を結んで生中継で披露した「#DREAM」🎶 たくさんのCARATのみなさんと一緒に過ごした夢のような時間💫 これからもたくさんの夢を届けていきます🤲 #SVT_WORLDTOUR_BETHESUN #SEVENTEENinAICHI
  • @ndagels
  • #Spincoin $SPIN is live!🎰🔥 @SpincoinBSC is a tokenized game of roulette⚫🔴 Made by the #Betcoin team ($BET made 30x ATH🚀) Doxxed & Audited🔏 Join the #SPIN community!🔥 📲 t.me/SpincoinEntry Buy Link #PancakeSwap⤵️ pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCur… #SpinCoinBSC #BSCGems 💎💰
  • We are very happy with the launch in testnet of our perpetual and spot Dex @spacedexF Building in BSC one of the most used we believe it will have good success. Honored if @cz_binance can take a look and give feedback testnet.space-dex.io @MustacheTommy
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